Empowering crimefighters with data

At Auror, we’re creating a brand-new software platform that converges data to help police and retail businesses collaborate and fight crime.

Started in New Zealand and now operating around the world, Auror protects hundreds of businesses every day with actionable intelligence to prevent retail crime. We’re enhancing
relationships with law enforcement, stopping crime in stores, and creating safer communities through the power of data.

Choose a crimefighting partner with principles.

We’re a straight-up company that believes in the same things you do:

privacy, integrity and trust.

Help make communities around the world safer.

We’re transforming the way police and communities prevent and solve crime.
And we want you to join us. 

We’re smart people helping to make the world a better place, but we can’t do it on our own.  We believe in equal opportunities and value diversity at our company, and need people like you to bring your energy, passion, and enthusiasm to our team.

Creating a community of crimefighters

Auror connects retail businesses and police with actionable intelligence to solve and prevent crime. Working together and collaborating through the Auror platform, retail businesses and police can work together to respond to organised retail crime and other threats using data and intelligence.

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