Transforming the way police and communities prevent & solve crime in real-time.

One-third of all reported crime is theft-related. Crimes against businesses like shoplifting cost communities millions every day. Yet they remain the most unsolved of all crimes, because each of these thefts is usually so small that the cost of investigating with traditional methods is prohibitively high. So they’ve remained in the dark, until now. Auror’s innovative software sheds light on high volume crime, making the cost of prevention lower than the cost of living with it.

Research shows previous approaches to combatting theft – catching crooks and locking them up – has had no effect in reducing retail crime. We started speaking to retailers and the Police to understand how they were currently combating the problem. They told us that efforts were typically fragmented and reactive, retailers often didn’t know who the prolific shoplifters were and when they were in the area, and the process to report an incident was complex and time-consuming. Organized crime groups thrive because the risk of getting caught is so low and the risk of getting prosecuted is even lower. Criminals know this, and that’s why they continue to proliferate. The frustrating reality is that prosecuting a shoplifter costs more than letting them get away with it. We decided there had to be a better way: a smarter and more proactive approach to prevent shoplifting.


We’ve assembled a talented bunch of people with expertise in software engineering, database management, data analytics, user experience design, privacy, and general problem-solving. We’re focused on delivering our customers a solution that is effective to the problems of today and tomorrow.

Our solution is tailored for law enforcement and enterprises: from retailers big and small, to mall operators, petrol stations, banks and any other enterprises victim to crime. We build sophisticated software that’s simple to use, with information security and compliance with privacy law as priorities.