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You can’t beat crime on your own.

For too long retailers and police have tried to stop criminals by themselves. But this approach has proven ineffective in stopping the growing rates of retail crime in our communities. Police don’t have access to the intel they need on offending, and retailers can’t enforce the penalties required to stop thieves.

Both sides need to work together, supplying useful intel and creating outcomes that show the criminals they can’t get away with impunity.

Fight crime as a community with Auror.

Team up with other retailers and police to create a working relationship that prevents crime and delivers results. Only Auror creates a community of users, all engaged with the purpose of sharing intelligence and data that can put a stop to crime in your stores.

“Great community feel.  It's good to let other stores know ways to prevent shrinkage and prevent unnecessary conflicts, and it's good to keep police in the loop with incidents.”

Josh, The Warehouse Richmond

Connect the dots on crime and get better intel from crime reports.

Work with other retailers  and police

Repair relationships with the retail community and law enforcement to get better outcomes.

Collaborate to solve & prevent more crime

Team up with hundreds of others all working toward the common goal of reducing crime.

Share evidence and files  in seconds

Request and view video and other evidence in a few easy clicks.

Access alerts from Auror and police

Get the latest updates about urgent BOLOs and high-profile criminal activity in your area.

Get and give feedback

Thank others for their contributions and send virtual high-fives to foster strong community spirit.

Feel that community love

Be part of a team making a difference in your community.

Transform your approach to crime prevention.