Connect the dots on crime with better intel

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Your crime reports are costing you intel.

Not only are most organisations not efficiently reporting crime incidents in their stores, they’re missing out on the valuable intel each report contains. Conventional reporting and case management systems are fine for recording incidents, but that’s not the same thing as reporting them.

Reporting means unpacking the intelligence from each incident report to connect the dots on the criminal offending happening in your stores so you can actually prevent crime, not just respond to it.

Better intel can stop crime in your stores.

Using intelligence from smart crime reports, Auror transforms loss prevention programmes to operate using data to equip store teams with the intel they need to stop crime in its tracks. Understand crime trends and patterns, identify known offenders and organised criminal groups, and make your loss prevention proactive.

“Genius! Good intel on the professional thieves. We always try to stay ahead of them and this platform is a great way to keep us there.”

Lance, The Warehouse Porirua

Connect the dots on crime and get better intel from crime reports.

Report crime in minutes

File incident reports in minutes from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Unpack data on offending

Auror extracts the data hidden in each report to uncover useful trends and data.

Automatically link offender data

Known offenders and vehicles are automatically linked whenever they offend.

Know your priority offenders

Build full offending histories and track your problem offenders for every store.

Empower store teams

Give store teams the intelligence to be proactive and identify threats before they happen.

Get the upper hand on ORC

Understand and eliminate complex ORC rings targeting your stores with better analytics and intel.

Connect crimefighters with intelligence to stop crime