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Crime reporting has been too hard.

Reporting crime has been too time consuming and difficult. And if crime gets reported at all, it takes hours to collate files and collect evidence for each incident.

But if there was a way to report crime quickly and easily, store teams could report it more often, creating a more complete picture of crime and the offenders responsible. That’s where Auror comes in.

When crime reports are easy, you get better intel.

Take crime reporting out of the ‘too hard basket’ and make it a simple process that your team can do in minutes from anywhere, anytime. With more reports you get better intelligence that enables your staff to prevent crime rather than react to it.

Its a game-changer.

“It’s an awesome crime fighting tool that aids us in identifying offenders and speeds up the reporting process. It has also helped me share knowledge to prevent crime.”

Loss Prevention Officer, The Warehouse

Manage crime reports and evidence all in one place

Stop doing paperwork

Report crime in minutes and get back to managing your stores and prevention programme.

File reports from any device

Whether from desktop, mobile or tablet, the power to report and fight crime is in your hands.

Add evidence in seconds

Drag and add video, photos and evidence documents to each report. All your evidence, all in one place.

Manage trespasses

File trespass notices for each offender and incident with an easy upload. Report breaches in seconds.

Gain intel from every report

Auror automatically unpacks the intel from each incident, giving you the knowledge and power to prevent crime.

Get company-wide visibility

Track outcomes of each crime report across the company.

There is more to Auror than crime reporting