What is License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology?

License Plate Recognition (LPR), sometimes called Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), uses software to analyse images to read vehicle registration plates. It can be done using high-definition IP cameras or cameras specifically designed for reading plates. Reading license plates has all sorts of applications — from carpark management and road tolling, to security and policing.

How does the Auror Platform work with LPR?

The Auror Platform is purpose-built to help customers prevent and solve crime. We’ve created a seamless workflow between our case management and the LPR application of your choice. This means that as vehicle plates are read by the LPR software, each is checked to detect if it is a Vehicle of Interest (VOI) to your organisation.

Making your organisation a harder target

If a VOI is detected, the Auror Platform will alert the relevant people in your organisation with onscreen visual and audio cues. These alerts include background information on the vehicle, previous incidents it’s been involved in, and people associated with it.

For example, a VOI alert could notify staff if a vehicle associated with a person that has previously been trespassed arrives at your site.

What type of LPR system do we need?

Auror has an open architecture design philosophy. This means we can work with your choice of cameras, Video Management Software (VMS) and LPR engine. You may even be able to use your existing security infrastructure. Get in touch to find out if Auror can work with your existing security systems.

Do I need LPR automation to keep my organisation safe?

Organisations need to be proactive about security to keep people safe. Any organisation that has vehicles entering their premises and a high number of incidents and/or trespassed persons may benefit from having the Auror Platform and LPR.

What if I’m already using LPR?

Contact us to see how much more effective your organisation’s security and safety efforts could be when integrated with the Auror Platform.

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