Our Team

Phil Thomson

Co-Founder & CEO

CEO and a co-founder of Auror, Phil is responsible for the business and management operations. A reformed lawyer who specialised in intellectual property and privacy law, Phil gave up the corporate dream to become part of a startup seeking to tackle the global problem of crime. He is passionate about helping police and communities work together to prevent crime.

Superpower: Optimism
Likes: Progress
Dislikes: Poor Grammar

Tom Batterbury

Co-Founder & Head of Product

A co-founder of Auror, Tom oversees our product direction and marketing strategy. An opportunity to build a global business with purpose proved too compelling for Tom to resist, leaving his role as a Management Consultant to build the business from the ground up. His role ensures our platform best assists our customers solve and prevent crime in real-time.

Superpower: Sense of Urgency
Likes: Progress
Dislikes: Monotony

James Corbett

Co-Founder & Development Lead

A co-founder, leading our development team, James is responsible for the planning, prioritising and collaboration within the team. Drawing on his invaluable experience from Xero, he oversees the development team in bringing their new software updates and intuitive feature adaptions to our users.

Superpower: Planning
Likes: Collaboration
Dislikes: Inaction

Andrew Leighton

Andrew Leighton

Business Development Manager

Andrew is our lead salesperson, enabling Auror to achieve its business and revenue goals while also helping our customers prevent & solve crime in their communities. With nearly a decade of SaaS sales experience in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K., Andrew brings a diverse background in fitness and technology startups to his role.

Superpower: Positivity
Likes: Running
Dislikes: Procrastination

Becky Tushingham

Customer Success Specialist

Becky is the amazing glue that helps bind our community together, working with the rest of our Customer Success team to help users collaborate to get the most our of the Auror platform and fight crime better. With a background in PR, social media and brand representation, she’s a keen communicator and social savant.

Superpower: Patience
Likes: Cooking
Dislikes: Complainers

Ellen Dick

Community Manager

Ellen is responsible for user happiness at Auror. It is her mission to keep our community of users happy and engaged, driving crime prevention in their community. She coordinates support and training for our users, empowering them with understanding about how to best harness the potential of our platform for crime prevention. She also provides user communications to keep them in the loop with the latest crime tips and trends, using our intel to best equip our users for prevention on the job.

Superpower: Storytelling
Likes: Integrity
Dislikes: Apathy

James Freeman


James is a software developer, solving complicated programming and development problems, to ensure the platform is performing at its best. With a focus on high-level performance, he works to reduce resources required in the crime fighting journey for retailers, making it easier and more convenient to report crime.

Superpower: Level Headedness
Likes: Logic
Dislikes: Eggplant

Kevin Ptak

Content & Communications Manager

Kevin is responsible for telling the company’s story to the world. He draws on more than a decade of public relations experience working in the technology sector in New Zealand and the United States, particularly with innovation and growth companies. At Auror his role encompasses all marketing, PR and communications activity.

Superpower: Persuasion
Likes: Chips on the side
Dislikes: Bad gramar

Lucas Chan Andreassend

Community Intelligence Analyst

Lucas underpins our Customer Success team at Auror, using his analytical and technical skills to help us find ways to assist our users to better use the platform and prevent more crime. A recent graduate of Auckland University of Technology, Lucas brings a unique blend of technical nous and customer service to his work.

Superpower: Dependability
Likes: Motorbikes
Dislikes: Low-resolution monitors

Nitika Shah

Graphic Designer

Nitika is the queen of all visual content for Auror, helping to tell our story across print, web, and other design challenges in a compelling and interesting way. Drawing on her background in graphic design, photography and prior agency roles, Nitika ensures our Auror content is picture-perfect anywhere it’s seen.

Superpower:  Visual Thinking
Likes: Hot Chocolate
Dislikes: The spinning Apple colour wheel


Danny Gilligan

Director / Advisor

Danny is a Managing Partner of Reinventure. His experience supporting disruptive businesses with data plays, means he’s right at home supporting the Auror team in their crime fighting efforts. A background in corporate finance and an innovative mindset has led Danny to be a lover of all things disruptive, interesting and unique.

Sam Morgan


Sam was the founder of TradeMe and is a director of global accounting software giant, Xero. He’s an investor in Auror and serves as a great role model for the Auror Team drawing on his vast experiences in scaling businesses.

Andrew Dyer


Andrew is an experienced executive, chairman and company director and serves on a number of boards. He is helping us to hit the ground running in the Australian market.

Geoff Lawrie


Geoff is an independent director and advisor, specialising in the Hi-Tech sector. His previous executive roles include the New Zealand CEO of Microsoft and Cisco Systems.

Ken Lay


Ken Lay is a former Australian police officer and Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police. His extensive background in law enforcement guides Auror’s approach to developing partnerships with Police, and provides invaluable insight and guidance to support Auror’s market entry in Australia.

Kirsti Grant


Kirsti is the CEO and Co-Founder of Populate, a collaborative headcount planning and team insights platform that helps companies manage their growth, talent and culture. In her role as an advisor to Auror, Kirsti is developing our people processes to help our team find and retain the talent we need to scale and fight crime around the world.