Real-time alerts get you the intel you need, when you need it most

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Your stores don’t have the intel they need  to prevent crime.

Too often store teams find out an offender was at their site only after it’s too late. As a result, they end up chasing offenders at the exit when they could be stopping them at the entrance.

And when incidents happen, busy store teams often don't have the time to ring or email all the stores nearby to put the word out. Teams end up fighting crime retroactively on their own, rather than preventing it in real-time together.

Instant alerts to stop crime in your stores right now.

Auror instantly alerts you with the intel you need on your desktop or phone when events happen near you, incidents occur at your stores, or if a vehicle or person of interest arrives at your site. Get the intel to stop crime, when and where you need it.

“Good to get updates on incidents that happen close to your area  so can be on the lookout to prevent them in your own store.”

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Real-time alerts and actionable intel, when and where you need it.

Be aware

Know when crime happens nearby and be ready before offenders arrive at your stores.

Use recognition technology

Integrate with systems to send alerts when persons or vehicles of interest arrive at your site.

Stop more crime

Prevent offenders from entering your stores instead of chasing them at the exit.

We do the work

Auror pushes the information you need directly to you, automatically.

Wherever you are

Alerts to your desktop, tablet or mobile puts the intel you need right at your fingertips.

Tailored to you

Set your own alert parameters and filters to customise your experience.

Get the intel you need to stop crime—instantly.