Thousands of hours can be spent recording and investigating criminal incidents – at the expense of the customer experience and making sales.

Visibility of criminal offences across a store’s network is critical. But many incidents aren’t reported to Head Office or Police – so they can’t be proactively managed.

If incidents are reported – it’s usually through a cumbersome, time-consuming process. One that doesn’t provide any actionable data for loss prevention strategies in an organisation.

We’ve changed all that.

Now you can better protect customers, employees and profits

Auror is a smart crime intelligence platform that’s easy to use – generating information that’s actionable.

It helps organisations increase ROI by joining the dots on crime – enabling them to make decisions based on data not gut feel.

It provides actionable intelligence data on the time of day crimes are committed, hot stores and hot products.

Why Auror

Keep your frontline teams and customers safe with real-time information

Auror sends alerts to store managers and security if repeat or violent offenders are in or near your stores. Store staff can then be more vigilant – preventing incidents through better customer service rather than being reactive to incidents.

frontline teams
identify repeat offenders

Easily identify repeat offenders throughout the store network

Auror sheds light on which crime rings or individuals are targeting your stores on a regular basis.

Save hours of time reporting criminal incidents

Auror allows you to immediately report criminal incidents to Head Office and Police in minutes. Our incident reports have all the information Police agencies need to start an investigation.

save hours
connect and track people

Connect and track people and vehicles used in ORC rings with number plate recognition integration

Auror enables you to identify vehicles that are used by crime rings and the people who use them. It sends real-time alerts if they’ve been involved in an incident nearby or if a vehicle they’re associated with has been detected entering the carpark.

Significantly reduce crime-related shrink and improve ROI

Armed with better information with Auror you can make better decisions and implement business-wide strategies that keep staff and customers safe and reduce crime-related shrink.

significantly improve ROI
partner with police

Partner with Police to reduce crime

Police can’t beat crime by themselves. Retailers can work with the community to collect and share information, making it harder to be taken advantage of by Organised Crime Groups.

Auror in action

Interested but not convinced?

We’re so certain we can help you significantly reduce crime and increase profits that we’re making it easy to experience the power of Auror.

If you’re committed to change, put us to the test in your stores with the highest crime rates – for free.

If Auror doesn’t help reduce crime we’ll eat our superhero capes.

Turn your store around.