Keep Your Shopping Centre Safe

Stop crime, protect customers and tenants, and create a better shopping experience.

Are your shopping centres exposed to crime and safety risks?

Shopping centres face diverse threats from organised retail criminals, nuisance disruptions, and more serious public safety issues.

But intelligence to prevent crime is seldom available. Teams need access to  real-time information to proactively reduce security risks.

Protect your tenants, shoppers, and team.

Auror enables teams report crime incidents in minutes, unpacks the intelligence from incidents, and gives your team the upper hand in the fight against crime. 

Link and understand crime groups and networks, when they like to operate, hot stores, products and more. Stop security threats to stores, staff and shoppers before they escalate.

Stop crime at your shopping centre with Auror:

Flexible, effective integration with recognition systems

Auror links with license plate and facial recognition to alert you if a known offender or vehicle arrives at your location.

Reduce crime and improve security ROI

Auror analytics and reports enable better decisions about security. Allocate security resources where they can make the most impact.

Partner to fight crime collaboratively

Auror enables collaboration with police to identify offenders, while creating strong case files with evidence for better enforcement outcomes.

Maintain safety with real-time offender information

Auror generates alerts if offenders are in or near your shopping centre. Keep store staff and customers safe with proactive responses.

Identify offenders and prevent future offending

Auror easily highlights offenders and their details for retailers and police. Give you team the intel to proactively stop crime.

Save time reporting crime incidents

Auror shares incidents with Head Office, nearby stores and police, including the information and evidence needed to start an investigation.

What our Customers Say

“Very innovative system that helps us greatly improve collaboration and information management/sharing to reach our common goal of crime reduction.”

Anthony Mason

Operations Manager
Broadmeadows Shopping Centre

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