Fran Wurster Jr joined Auror as Director Retail Solutions - North America in April 2021 after four years as Business Development Manager with InVue, a retail security solutions provider. He brings with him a background in accounting and finance, as well as providing solutions to loss prevention teams in North America. We chat with the proud father of a champion cheerleader and entrepreneurial DJ extraordinaire on his journey with Auror so far.

Why Auror?

I was really excited about the product and I truly believe in how it empowers retailers to reduce loss, aggression and crime in stores. I’m not a traditional sales guy. I could never position a product to my customers that I did not believe in. And I think there’s a huge opportunity for retailers here in North America with Auror.

How do you think your previous experience is helping you in your current role?

My background is in selling security hardware - from antennas at the front of the store which beep when you steal things - and at my last company it was security stands for phones displayed in shops, amongst other things. So I’ve seen firsthand the opportunities to connect these and many other tools to a crime intelligence system like Auror to bring a lot more value to retailers.

There are whispers that you ran a DJ company once upon a time…

Prior to moving into sales I was a DJ, not a fist-pumping DJ, but I actually ran a wedding entertainment company. I was always into music and I started on turntables, local taverns, bars, nightclubs and then my business scaled into weddings. The wedding business is more lucrative, better atmosphere and much better hours than bars/nightclubs.

When I sold the company, it was the third largest entertainment company in the Philadelphia region. I had to sell the business once I transitioned my career into account management and never looked back. But I have no regrets. It was a cool experience and a very profitable business.

I was an accountant and a financial guy for the first 10 years of my career. I found very quickly that I did not belong behind a desk. I had way too much energy for that and I still have too much energy. I need to be out with the customers talking about our solutions, so that’s what drives me.

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How do you add a touch of magic to your work?

I’m not a magician by any means, but I think my magic is just my approach to providing meaningful solutions. I don’t treat people like customers, I treat them as business partners and that’s actually one of Auror’s pillars, to ‘be a partner’. A lot of my prior partners always told me at the end of the process that they really saw how I supported and believed in what I was working with them on. That has a lot of value in the marketplace. 

Has the pandemic affected your work with Auror at all?

I think if anything, our platform adds value to retailers during the pandemic because of the way we help retailers protect their profit, people, and property from crime. This includes Covid-19 related threats, repeat offenders, and organized crime related incidents. 

In terms of the way I work, it’s no change for me. Since I’ve been in account management, I’ve been working remotely so it’s not a challenge. 

What challenges do you see retailers dealing with in coming years?

There’s a fear factor of, is there another Covid coming? And if so, what do we do? I think the way we do business has changed a little, but at the end of the day you still have brick and mortar stores, people are still shopping and spending money and you still have people stealing products. So as long as those elements are in play, there’s always going to be a need for a solution to keep stores and profits safe.

Looking for answers to your asset protection/loss prevention challenges? Visit or contact Fran to start that conversation.

July 21, 2021
At Auror

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