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Stopping retail loss from theft


  • 50% reduction in loss within 3 years
  • 200% increase in event reporting
  • Increase in store, staff and customer safety

As one of Australasia’s best-performing publicly-listed retailers, Briscoe Group has had its fair share of run-ins with retail crime. It had become such a serious issue that it was putting staff and customer safety at risk by the time Auror was brought in to deploy its Retail Crime Intelligence Platform in 2015.

The goal was to reduce loss by an ambitious 20% over 3 years - a challenge that Briscoe Group National Loss Prevention Manager Nathan Breed took head-on.

Making it easier for stores to report

Until 2015, Briscoe Group suffered many of the same pitfalls in incident reporting as most other retailers. Poor reporting from stores, information siloed across multiple systems and an inability to easily identify and link repeat subjects and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups.

Before Auror, stores often left incidents unreported, with staff describing the reporting process as “time-consuming” and “cumbersome”. This all led to a situation that was unsustainable and dangerous for the business and its people.

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With growing pressure on profit margins and increasingly violent offenders putting staff and customer safety at risk, something had to change - and fast

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Getting visibility into the people driving loss and harm

After Briscoe Group engaged Auror to report, solve and prevent crime, reported incidents increased by 200%, helping to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of intelligence available.

Armed with this information, Nathan’s team was able to quickly identify and link events to subjects and ORC groups. Instead of seeing a raft of random or opportunistic thefts, he was now able to see just how organized and deliberate they were.

“We now know what’s going on and who’s behind it, both at individual stores and across the group”, Nathan says. “And we can finally combat this in a systemized manner”.

Empowering stores to reduce theft with real time intelligence

Briscoe Group integrated Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) into Auror, which gives staff real-time alerts when a vehicle connected to a known subject enters a Briscoe Group site.

It was thanks to this LPR technology that they were able to stop someone from stealing $1400 worth of goods. Staff received a vehicle alert and stopped that person from entering the store. A notification went out to other nearby stores where this person was active and she was stopped again later that same day when she was spotted at a different store.“

Technology is taking us to the next level of crime prevention,” Nathan says.

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This achievement is a result of a team effort and an organization committed to reducing loss. With Auror we’ve made our stores and communities safer. Those benefits are priceless.

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The priceless benefits of more and better intelligence

Remember the lofty goal Briscoe Group set of reducing loss by 20% within 3 years? Nathan was able to help the company achieve an incredible 50% reduction in loss within 3 years - that’s over 2.5X the original target!. This is a fantastic result thanks to the tremendous increase in event reporting and engagement by staff, leading to an improvement in store, staff and customer safety.

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