Why Fuel Retailers partner with Auror

Reduce drive-offs

Reduce drive-offs

Recover more debt

Recover more debt

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

The power of ANPR with Auror

Report incidents seamlessly

A simple tap or click-based interface ensures structured data is captured effortlessly. Add, edit, and securely store images, CCTV plus detailed vehicle information when reporting events.

Reducing drive-offs through automated alerts

Receive automatic real time alerts and intel as vehicles of interest are detected by ANPR cameras on arrival to your site. No more judgment calls on leaving the pump open.

Connect your entire network

Commit an incident or non-payment at any station and get automatically prevented at every station thereon.

Auror for Fuel Retailers

Rather than punishing all of our customers for a few bad eggs, we could tackle the people we needed to.

Joe Nock

Retail Operations Specialist at Z Energy

Transform your debt recovery process into an experience and recover more in return

Easily report all non-payments

Report all payment issues resulting in non-payments. See them all in one place, alongside evidence and documentation that supports the case.

Quick and easy customer notifications

Send automated SMS and email alerts to customers who have failed to pay. Include evidence alongside a request to pay the outstanding amount.

Secure, automated online payments

Recover debts from customers in a few simple steps. The platform handles all payment collections through your very own branded online payments portal.

Auror for Fuel Retailers

How Z Energy reduced loss by 73% on their forecourts

"I knew Auror’s debt recovery product was going to improve our bottom line, but I was surprised and delighted that it also reduced call centre volumes, improved customer NPS scores and reduced confrontation and abuse incidents on-site"

Joe Nock

Retail Operations Specialist, Z Energy

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How Z Energy reduced loss by 73% on their forecourts

Why you no longer need to punish good customers

We understand that many fuel organizations prefer open pumps but are forced to use prepay to stop losses mounting from drive-offs. Today’s retailers leverage real-time intelligence to not only reduce drive-offs, but also improve the customer experience by removing judgment calls by staff, and creating a seamless payment recovery experience for those who make genuine errors. These retailers reduce crime, loss, and harm on their forecourts, while increasing customer satisfaction. A win for all.

5 Million+

Retail employees protected by the Auror platform

70+ NPS

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - A platform stores, teams, and law enforcement love

600+ Active

Law enforcement agencies collaborating with retailers in Auror

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