Why Pharmacies partner with Auror


Repeat offenders don’t return after 6 events on average

Prevent repeat and ORC

Connect the dots to build aggregated cases against the people driving your loss.


Repeat offerders are 4 times more likely to cause a safety event

Increase safety

Empower your stores to safely prevent the people driving your harm.


Police are twice as likely to respond to incidents involving repeat offenders

Collaborate with Law Enforcement

Work with law enforcement in-platform to reduce the time from incident to resolution.

Knowing who is driving your loss and harm starts with your teams

Report detailed incidents, fast

A simple tap or click-based interface ensures structured data is captured quickly. Add, edit and securely store images & CCTV for all event types including suspected drug loss and robberies.

Collaborate with your teams

Share and gather intel from your teams from within the platform. Identify subjects, make your teams aware of threats, or use your store network to prevent loss and harm.

Get real time visibility

Select from organizational insights through to the details of each case, location, subject, or incident. Understand what products are being targeted and by who to take decisive actions, fast.

Auror For Pharmacies
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Now we have real time visibility of what’s occurring which allows us to better coordinate initiatives with stores, loss teams and senior management. It’s a real game changer.

Daryl Blackmore

Director of Loss Prevention, Rexall

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Daryl Blackmore
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Preventing crime and resolving cases faster

Connect the dots on repeat offenders

Search based on any descriptor no matter how small to find matching persons, vehicles and more. Use this to systematically connect multiple events to subjects to build comprehensive profiles on each and every offender.

Instantly turn events into investigations

Automatically convert incidents into detailed timelines, links, maps, and structured evidence to help with your investigation.

Collaborate with Law Enforcement

Make it easy for Law Enforcement to resolve cases. From aggregated cases to automated statement generator to digital evidence retrieval. Choose who to collaborate with in-platform to resolve more cases.

Auror For Pharmacies

How Rexall reduced shrink by 17%

"We weren’t equipping our stores with the ability to easily report and use actionable intel to prevent repeat subjects and ORC groups from impacting their stores. We needed to address it, and did so with Auror."

Darly Blackmore

Director of Asset Protection | Rexall

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How Rexall reduced shrink by 17%

Why reducing the time from incident to prosecution matters

The longer it takes to generate the intel and case to successfully prosecute prolific offenders and Organized Retail Crime groups, the longer your stores profits and people are impacted. Today’s retailers use technology to systematize the entire process from reporting actionable intel, to building and submitting the case for prosecution. These retailers are reducing crime at scale both in their stores and communities.


Retail AP/LP professionals empowered by Auror


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Law enforcement agencies collaborating with retailers in Auror

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