Protect your community with actionable crime intel

Converge real-time data from across the community to  prevent and solve high-volume crime.

You can’t beat crime on your own.

Police rely on the community to report crime, but often it’s still reported over the phone, over the counter, or not at all, because the process is too hard. 

It seldom includes all the evidence or documentation needed to investigate or produce meaningful outcomes. 

Police miss out on the full picture of offending, data from these incidents is lost, and the community becomes frustrated as organised offending proliferates.

Connect the dots on crime and protect the community better.

Auror is a smart crime intelligence platform that connects the dots on offending in real-time across the community as it happens.

By making it easy for retailers to file complete and accurate crime reports, Auror unpacks the intelligence they contain to form a complete picture of offending, allowing police to prioritise enforcement and prosecute effectively and efficiently.

Stop retail crime in your community with Auror

Better intelligence to  stay safe

Auror puts crime report details at your fingertips in seconds. Know offender history, behaviours and MO in an instant.

Prevent crime from escalating

Auror stops retail crime from becoming a gateway. Criminals that can steal without consequences move on to more serious offending.

Connect offenders, associates and vehicles

Auror automatically connects complex crime networks in seconds from crime reports. Identify organised crime rings and prioritise ringleaders for enforcement.

Save hours investigating incidents

Auror collects and saves incident details, evidence, and witness statements in a single digital repository for easy access and collaboration.

Access new intel to solve more crime

Auror converges and extracts intel from crime reports, LPR systems, CCTV cameras and other sources in a single platform

Improve community relationships and  self-service

Auror enables community collaboration, fostering positive relationships and reducing reliance on police. Build effective partnerships with the retail community.

What our Customers Say

“Police have achieved this outcome, which will prevent further crime occurring across the Canterbury community, by working closely with retailers and Auror. We thank them for their assistance.”

Superintendent Lane Todd

Christchurch Metro Area Commander

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