Be more effective with quality intelligence

Review incident contributions and crime intelligence to affect arrests quickly & effectively.

“The time savings are huge.
Stuff we get instantly now would have taken hours before.”

Investigations Sergeant, Waitemata Police

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Save time collecting effective evidence

Receive quality incident reports directly from retailers with key supporting evidence attached such as video files, witness statements, and trespass notices.

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Connect criminal activity to prolific offenders

Identify, collate, and link case files in minutes to receive an aggregate view of the offender. More action, less administration.

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Safer communities together

Target high profile offenders quickly and easily, and affect significant reductions in re-offending rates in your community.

See how police and retailers are working together to solve and prevent crime in our communities

Start making an even bigger difference in your community.

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“I've been amazed by the figures in terms of offending reductions and preventions we've been able to achieve.”

Sergeant Matt Murray, New Zealand Police