Why Grocers partner with Auror

Save time

Save time

Significantly reduce the time required for teams to report, solve, and prevent crime.

Increase safety

Increase safety

Empower store teams with real-time intel to safely prevent offenders before they offend.

Improve profitability

Improve profitability

Leverage crime intelligence through better allocation of security resources and increased preventions to reduce loss and harm.

Empowering your in-store teams to report and receive actionable intel, fast.

Make reporting easy

Give a reporting experience your teams will love to use. Receive better and more intelligence in return.

Accurate intel from any device, every time

With a dedicated mobile app and a fully mobile responsive design, your teams can report effective intel no matter where they are.

Real-time intelligence

Incidents are made available to your store network in real time, empowering your frontline teams with the intel to prevent further crime.

Smart alerts & notifications

Empower your frontline teams with real time platform generated alerts to prevent incidents from escalating to loss and harm.

Auror For Grocery
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Now it’s very much a closed feedback loop, where the feedback from head office and police makes store teams want to do more because they see the results.

Doug Rawson

Profit Protection Specialist - Woolworths NZ

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Doug Rawson
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You no longer need to penalize your good customers

Connect the dots between cases

Let the platform do the work. From intelligent dot connection to detailed case building on the groups and people driving your loss.

Identify the people driving your loss

Real-time visibility at all levels on the people driving your loss and harm leads to preventions. Optimize your investments, including guarding allocations.

Collaborate with your whole team

Share and gather intel from your teams from within the platform. Identify subjects, make your teams aware of threats, or use your store network to prevent loss and harm.

Auror For Grocery

How Woolworths stopped 60% of high-profile offenders

“Auror allows our teams to do something to keep them safe. End-to-end collaboration has been the key to our success.”

Jenny Price

Woolworths NZ National Loss Prevention Manager

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How Woolworths stopped 60% of high-profile offenders

Why your teams, customers, and organization deserve better

Accepting crime in your stores is no longer acceptable. Sky high theft is no longer a cost of doing business. The safety of your teams and customers is no longer something to be traded. Today's grocers no longer accept this, instead they empower their entire organization with the intelligence to prevent crime, loss, and harm.

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Retail employees protected by the Auror platform

70+ NPS

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - A platform stores, teams, and law enforcement love

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Law enforcement agencies collaborating with retailers in Auror

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