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Trust is earned through action, not words. We know that our customers, their customers, and the community will only trust us if we’re open about how we operate. We believe the three essential building blocks of trust are privacy, security, and good intent to make the world a better place. You’ll find more information on our philosophy and current practices within our Trust Center.


Our platform is designed to adhere to a set of universal privacy principles that underpin privacy laws the world over.

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Auror is the safe and secure way to capture, store and share information. We've partnered with Microsoft to utilize its world-class data centers, technology, and security best practices.

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For Good

Our platform has been designed to keep stores, staff, customers, and the community safe, helping to solve and prevent crime across the world.

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Enable your business to harness the power of AI - responsibly

We’re sharing our Responsible Tech and AI framework to help other businesses harness the power of AI, while ensuring they’re thinking about the impacts this technology can have on the users, the wider community, and their own business.

Auror’s framework is free, easy to use, and the lean canvas can be completed in as little as 60 minutes.

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“I’ve been amazed by the figures in terms of offending reductions and preventions we’ve been able to achieve. The team can see the difference we make in the community, and that’s ultimately what we all want to achieve.”

Leading Global Retailer
Sr. Director of Asset Protection Operations

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