Our Story

Every retailer deserves the chance to protect their profits, people, and property from crime. Inspired by this challenge, Tom, Phil, and James founded Auror to empower retailers with the intelligence and tools to stop crime, for good. Heres our story.

Founded to stop crime

Auror was founded after realising that $100B+ was lost every year by retailers but there was no effective technology being used to report, solve, or prevent crime.

First partner

Partnered with New Zealand’s largest supermarket and the national police force to stop crime. Today, Auror services over 80% of the retail enterprise market in New Zealand.

Expanding to Australia

One of Australia’s largest supermarkets partners with Auror to prevent crime and ORC from impacting their stores. Office set up in Melbourne, Australia to support a growing retail and police presence.

Getting ready for global

Began engaging with global retailers in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe about the scale of their challenges, and how a retail crime intelligence platform could empower them to stop crime, for good.

Rebuilding the platform

Comprehensive rebuild of the platform from the ground up completed to better meet the scale and complexity of crime worldwide. Product and customer team expanded to support global ambitions.  

North American launch

First enterprise retailer launched in North America on the new platform. Office set up in Denver (CO) to support North American retail partners and law enforcement. New Zealand based Co-CEO & co-founder moves to Denver to support company expansion.


Ready to partner with enterprise retailers in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and the United Kingdom who want to protect their profits, property, and people from crime, for good. 

The people behind the mission


Emerging Innovator
of the Year

NZ Innovation Awards

Winner Best Employee
Experience, Small business

EX18 Awards

Winner Best Collaborative Solution

Retail Risk Awards Australia

Finalist High-tech Emerging
Company of the Year

NZ High Tech Awards

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stop crime, for good.

“We've been able to move from a confrontational to a deterrent based approach which protects our shoppers, profits, and staff from harm.”

Michael Hulme
National Loss Prevention Manager, Farmers