Be a force for better

We aspire to be a force for better, leading with courage, and by example.

Our social impact mission is intrinsically linked to our overarching mission to connect communities to reduce crime. We’ve first-hand seen the way theft and organized retail crime impacts our environment, and this is a snapshot of the steps we're taking to mitigate this issue.

Auror works to keep those communities safe. We know that collaboration will garner the best social impact and putting people first will create a sustainable future.


Creating a better world for tomorrow by stopping crime

We’re continuing to measure the impact we’re making on the world.

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Putting people first creates a force for better

We have built a company with a positive social impact.

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Leading with good governance for a better world

At Auror, we’re cultivating an environment of trust.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At Auror, we’ve taken inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and we recognize them as a shared blueprint for people and the planet, now and into the future. We’ve identified the goals where Auror can continue to make an impact, and where our mission and global vision will take us.

Good health and wellbeing

We demonstrate a genuine care and commitment for the physical and mental wellbeing of our team and the wider community. Our approach is proactive and preventative. We promote good mental health and wellbeing, and we’re working with partners to strengthen prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, and the impact this has on crime.

Gender equality

Gender equality is central in our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Auror. Our strategy to achieve gender equality incorporates individual and systemic actions across key company processes such as recruitment, benefits, learning and development, and career progression.

Decent work and economic growth

Auror is a place that drives economic productivity through technological innovation, job creation, and creativity. Our software promotes safe and secure working environments, protecting our retail partners’ teams and customers from growing violence and aggression.

Climate Action

Auror is a weightless technology export, and we’re always looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact. We are playing a role in reducing overall global emissions by preventing less waste (stolen product) and enabling emissions savings for law enforcement when solving crime. 

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Auror’s mission is to reduce crime and the impacts of crime on communities. To do that, we partner with retailers and law enforcement to create an environment where people feel safe, where violence and aggression is reduced, and the impacts of organized retail crime, drugs and weapons are diminished.