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Repeat offenders don’t return after 6 events on average.

Prevent repeat and ORC

Connect the dots to build aggregated cases against the people driving your loss.


Repeat offenders are 4 times more likely to cause a safety event.

Increase safety

Empower your stores to safely prevent the people driving your harm.


of offenders drive 71% of reported loss.

Improve profitability

Identify and prevent the people impacting store profitability.

Empower your stores with the intel to safely prevent

Report detailed incidents, fast

A simple tap or click-based interface ensures structured data is captured effortlessly - data that is transformed into the intel everyone needs to safely prevent crime.

Collaborate with your teams

Share and gather intel from your teams from within the platform. Identify subjects, make your teams aware of threats, or use your store network to prevent loss and harm.

Visibility on top offenders

Real-time visibility at all levels on the people driving your loss and harm leads to preventions. By knowing who your top individuals are and who is aggressive, your teams can respond effectively and safely.

Auror For Home Improvement
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Our teams can now recognise and stop offenders from coming in before they do damage...we’ve made it safer for our teams.

National Loss Prevention Manager

Leading hardware chain

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National Loss Prevention Manager
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Preventing the people driving your loss and harm

Build prosecutable cases

From intelligent dot connection to detailed case building on the groups and people driving your loss. Better identification of repeat individuals and ORC groups including the vehicles they use and modus operandi.

Optimize your resources

Real time insights to help you understand, review, and optimize your loss prevention initiatives. From understanding store risks, where and when guards should be deployed, and what investments are needed and where.

Improve the customer experience

When you know who the small minority of people are who drive your loss and harm, you can create barriers for them, not your good customers. With crime intelligence, make loss prevention invisible to good, but highly visible to bad customers.

Auror For Home Improvement

How Mitre 10 reduced its theft rate by 85%

“I recommend Auror to any retailer that needs to get shop theft under control. It’s the best tool we’ve got.”

Gillian Harrop

Security Manager

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How Mitre 10 reduced its theft rate by 85%

Why everyone deserves better

Crime in your stores is no longer acceptable. Sky high theft is no longer a cost of doing business. The safety of your teams and customers is no longer something to be traded. Today's retailers accept that everyone deserves better, so they empower their entire organization with the intelligence to prevent crime, loss, and harm.


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