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intel with Connect the Dots

Leverage the power of AI to systematically connect and surface the known individuals involved in events at your organization.

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Report crime with a simple tap & click based interface, to ensure intel is captured quickly.

When Intel meets Connect


causing 62% of your loss and harm


more likely a repeat offender will cause a safety event

AI-generated suggested merges

Merge like magic

Suggested merges based on known offender images.

Suggested merge by person details

Machine learning match based on names, unique person characteristics, location of incidents, and vehicles in common.

Suggested merge by user suggestions

Crowd-sourced linking from your users.

Connecting the people impacting our communities


merges completed


in loss


of all events involving threatening behaviors

Responsibly harnessing the power of AI


Legal jurisdictions

This feature will only use event data and images captured from stores in jurisdictions where legislation does not prohibit the use of biometric information for this purpose.


Face matching will be only used on your organization data if you opt in.

Minors excluded

No person of interest within Auror who has been recorded as younger than 18 years of age will be included in this process.

From connection to suggested investigation

We’ll find your next big win

Let AI suggest and build out investigations in seconds.

From suggestion to investigation in seconds

Investigation built out in full on selecting "start investigation" including all evidence, person, and event details.

Privacy and security

Working with the best to meet and assist with your security, data, and privacy needs.

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