& resolve cases, faster.

Resolve the cases that matter, faster. Leverage Intel on the people impacting your stores to securely build, collaborate, and resolve cases.

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Report crime with a simple tap & click based interface, to ensure intel is captured quickly.

When Intel meets Investigate


days from first event to case closure


Investigations resolved

Get your investigation off to a winning start

From event to investigation. Fast.

Add events and any new intel from Auror Intel into an investigation at the click of a button.  

Create your next big win

From organized retail crime to internal fraud, get your new investigation off to a winning start.

Build your winning team

Add additional collaborators to each specific investigation to view and add evidence.

Dashboards that don’t need explaining

Get access to the insights you need to track and manage your AP/LP program.

Become a taskmaster

Assign tasks to collaborators within an investigation to keep things on track.

Always closing

Linking up the crew

Link visualization of all of the entities of interest within the investigation.

One view of their world

View all locations of interest and events in a single map view.

Easily access your evidence

View and manage all digital evidence related to the investigation in one location.

Measure your impact

Record any findings, outcomes, and financial impact of each investigation.

Get that on paper

Package investigations and export as a single case file.

A community solving crime with Investigate

A platform and community producing wins