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Resolve faster

Build, track, manage , and resolve more cases, faster.


Repeat offenders are 4X more likely to cause a safety event

Made easy for police

Connect the dots and collaborate with police in platform.


20% of offenders drive 71% of reported loss

Reduce loss

Identify and resolve cases against the people impacting your profitability.

Let the platform do the work

Focus on resolving, not finding.

Automatic dot connection

Remove the manual work - from automatic dot connection to digital case building - focus your efforts on resolving more and bigger cases, faster.

Powerful search 

Search based on any descriptor no matter how small to find matching persons, vehicles and more.

Instantly turn incidents into detailed investigations

Convert reported incidents into detailed timelines, links, maps, and evidence in your investigation at the click of a button. Let the platform add future incidents involving a person or vehicle of interest to your investigation automatically.

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In-platform collaboration made it easy for us to show law enforcement high value cases quickly, resulting in tens of thousands of theft resolution in 90 short days!

Daryl Blackmore

Director of Loss Prevention - Rexall

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Daryl Blackmore
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Work together in-platform

Track and resolve cases with trusted partners

Manage caseload, track outcomes, and prove ROI

Manage and track outcomes in each case to keep your team and wider stakeholder group across the important work you are doing and opportunities for further investment.

Control who sees what

Mark incidents and investigations as sensitive and control who has access to collaborate on these.

Collaborate on your terms

Invite, manage, and securely share evidence such as CCTV footage, images, and documents with your teams, trusted partners and law enforcement in platform.

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Privacy and security

Working with the best to meet and assist you with your security, data and privacy needs.

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NZ & Australia privacy principles compliant

NZ & Australia privacy principles compliant

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

CCPA compliant

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Authentication services


Security and penetration testing

How Rexall stopped ORC in 90 days

“We weren’t equipping our teams with the ability to easily report and use actionable intel to prevent repeat subjects and ORC groups from impacting their stores. We needed to address it, and did so with Auror.”

Daryl Blackmore

Director of Loss Prevention | Rexall

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Why investigators deserve better

Retail Investigators are already faced with an array of external factors that make the already complex task of building and resolving cases difficult, but today’s solutions make this even harder. Multiple tools, disparate data sources, and manual analysis make it hard to identify, let alone build a case to stop prolific offenders and Organized Retail Crime Group - meanwhile they continue to impact your stores almost daily. When technology removes the manual and time-consuming tasks, and allows you to focus on building prosecutable cases faster, you can stop these people faster, and make an even bigger impact on your organization.

5 Million+ Retail employees protected by the Auror platform

200+ Platform enhancements completed every year and growing

600+ Active Law enforcement agencies collaborating with retailers in Auror

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