Stop Crime. For Good.

Auror empowers retailers to report, solve, and prevent crime in stores

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The platform to stop crime

Reporting made easy

The simplest, quickest, and most intuitive way for store & loss teams to report actionable intel.

3x average increase in reported events compared to previous system

Solve more cases, faster

Automatically connect the dots on criminal activity to build detailed cases.

20% of offenders are responsible for 60% of the value of crime based on Auror analysis

Prevent crime before it happens

Empower your store teams to proactively prevent crime with real-time intelligence.

50% of all incidents are prevented by Auror partners

“We were amazed and immensely proud to have reduced our loss by 50% as a percentage of total revenue, resulting in safer stores for our shoppers and staff.”

Nathan Breed
Group Loss Prevention Manager | Briscoe Group

Supporting retailers like you to stop crime

Reduced losses by 50% (in percentage terms)

Platform rolled out nationwide within 2 days

Drive-offs at sites
reduced by 70%