Connecting crimefighters with
intelligence to stop crime.

Auror bridges the gap between businesses and the police,
so you can collaborate and share data on criminal activity.

It’s the new standard in crime intelligence.

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We’ve revolutionised crimefighting by converging data safely and securely at scale, making it possible for businesses and police to collaborate seamlessly and get the upper hand on criminals.

Connecting the dots on crime shouldn't be hard.

The workflow of connecting the dots on criminal activity across organisations is harder than it needs to be. Despite all the time and effort that goes into reporting crime, without connecting the dots it’s impossible to know if you’re directing your effort in the right places. Auror enables crimefighters to work smarter not harder.

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Crimefighting made easy.

Auror tips the odds in favour of businesses and police, shifting the focus from crime reporting to crime prevention. Access intelligence from across the retail sector with police as partners in the fight against crime.  No more friction—just results.

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