Case Study

Preventing organized retail crime (ORC)


  • 220% increase  in reported events within 30 days of launch
  • $100K worth of events reported directly to law enforcement
  • Identified 384 offenders accounting for 50% of the total $ value of theft
  • 22 arrest warrants issued, resulting in $50k in recovered product
  • An average of 5 minutes or less to report events fully

Rexall is one of Canada’s leading pharmacy brands, with more than 400 locations nationwide. Like many organizations, Rexall regularly faced obstacles in combating crime, loss and harm, particularly from prolific repeat subjects and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups.

Lack of structured intel on the incidents reported by stores, delayed intelligence and the inability to identify and link subjects were frustrating challenges that hindered asset protection/loss prevention (AP/LP).

In a renewed effort to address crime, Rexall partnered with Auror to pilot its Retail Crime Intelligence platform in its Toronto stores for 90 days - and the results forever changed the course of Rexall’s AP/LP strategy.

Easy implementation provides immediate results

For Rexall’s Director of Loss Prevention Daryl Blackmore, the issue was obvious. “We weren’t equipping Rexall stores with the ability to easily report and use actionable intel to prevent repeat subjects and ORC groups from impacting stores.”

Not only were Rexall store teams time-poor, but they also had no regular feedback and no idea how reporting helped them to reduce crime in their stores. “Frustrating”, “complex” and “long” were the words used to describe the company’s previous crime reporting process - it’s little wonder that getting stores to buy into reporting events was so difficult.

The results were immediate following the launch of the Auror pilot. Within just 30 days of launch, Rexall reported a 220% increase in reported events from stores. Rexall store managers shared more than 700 real-time comments across the 90-day pilot. This helped to connect the dots between stores, LP field leaders and investigators at Rexall headquarters.

Daryl says this revelation has been “a real eye-opener” and attributes it to how easy the platform is to use. “Auror is simple, efficient and effective. Its real-time intelligence feed provides each person with the right intelligence at the right time, which resulted in preventing repeat subjects.”

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Now we have real time visibility of what’s occurring which allows us to better coordinate initiatives with stores, loss teams and senior management. It’s a real game changer.

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Visibility into the people driving loss

With this increase in quantity and quality of reporting, Rexall’s loss prevention team quickly realized just how significant repeat subjects were to the company’s profitability. Rexall was able to see that these repeat subjects were directly responsible for 45% of the company’s total value for theft events. This happened in less than 90 days of them implementing the pilot.

Rexall Customer Story Results

More arrests by working smarter with law enforcement

Traditionally, trying to collaborate with law enforcement only added to the headache of AP/LP since retail crime has not been a high priority for law enforcement for various reasons. This made it more important for retailers like Rexall to take ownership of building detailed cases and making it easy to share information with law enforcement.

Rexall could now show high value cases to law enforcement in the Auror platform quickly and effectively. Over the 90-day period, 22 arrest warrants were issued on Rexall’s behalf, which resulted in $50,000 in recovered products.

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I knew this would work and I am excited for other retailers to join us

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Complete visibility of crime across every store

Following the pilot, Rexall completed a nationwide roll-out of Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform and it’s easy to see why. With a huge increase in reported events within just 30 days of launch, more than 300 offenders identified and $100,000 worth of events reported directly to law enforcement, it just made sense to equip the entire Rexall team with the tools to replicate this success.