Case Study

Solving the ORC problem


  • 17% reduction in shrink from 2019 to 2022
  • 75 Organized Retail Crime (ORC) investigations of repeat offenders conducted
  • 898 individual repeat offenders investigated worth $211,364 in total loss
  • 14 ORC investigations resulted in law enforcement agencies issuing arrest warrants
  • 12 ORC investigations resulted in criminal charges

Rexall is one of Canada’s leading pharmacy brands, with nearly 400 locations. Like many organizations, Rexall regularly faced obstacles in combating crime, loss, and harm - especially from repeat subjects and ORC groups.

Lack of structured intel on the incidents reported by stores, delayed intelligence, and the inability to identify and link subjects were frustrating challenges that hindered asset protection/loss prevention (AP/LP).

Rexall partnered with Auror to evolve its approach to solving the ORC problem. Rexall experienced early success during their 90-day pilot, and from 2019 to 2022, reported an impactful 17% reduction in shrink across their locations.

Enabling safer environments

For Daryl Blackmore, Rexall’s Director of Asset Protection, ensuring store safety was a key issue to address. “Empowering stores to take safe action is easier with Auror," says Daryl. With the rise in threatening behavior and ORC, actionable intelligence has never been more important. Daryl continues, "With the right information at the right time, our team members can stop accidents before they start."

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“We know who is impacting our stores, and we can act on those insights to prevent it.”

Daryl Blackmore, Director of Asset Protection

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Identifying repeat people

With Auror's Retail Crime Intelligence platform, Rexall gained a clear view of how significant repeat subjects were to the company’s profitability. When compared to non-repeat offenders, their financial impact was obvious. The average loss per incident for repeat offenders was $153, whereas the average loss per incident for non-repeat offenders was $30.

Collaborating with law enforcement

Traditionally, trying to collaborate with law enforcement only added to the headache of AP/LP since retail crime has not been a high priority for law enforcement for various reasons. This made it more important for retailers like Rexall to take ownership of building detailed cases and making it easy to share information with law enforcement.

Rexall could now show high value cases to law enforcement in the Auror platform quickly and effectively. Working with Auror, 29% of all incidents were reported to law enforcement, 14 ORC investigations resulted in arrest warrants, and 12 ORC investigations results in criminal charges.

“In-platform collaboration made it easy for us to show law enforcement high value cases quickly, resulting in significant amounts of theft resolution.”

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“The measurable success we’ve had with Auror has allowed us to invest in other strategies too. When it comes to ORC, Auror is at the forefront of our team’s shift from awareness to solution.”

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Moving from intel to outcomes

Following their initial pilot, Rexall completed a nationwide roll-out of Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform. Since then, Rexall has led a shift from collecting intelligence to driving outcomes. As the wins continue to come in, it's clear their approach is working. And it will only continue to improve as visibility across their stores increases even more.

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