Sara Spellacy recently joined Auror as Marketing Manager for North America after a successful stint at RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association).

We had a quick chat with Sara to learn about her passion for the retail community and how she's settling into a new city.

Why did you join Auror? 

I was super blown away by the palpable culture I experienced during the interview process. It’s a rare thing to find an employer that genuinely cares about their employees and wants them to thrive at work and in life. It was always important to me to be part of a company and culture that made a positive impact in some way and then upon spending more time with the team, it was clear to me that there was no better place to join!

How did you first hear about Auror? 

I first came to know Auror when they exhibited at RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference while I was working there. I remember from my first interaction with the team at Auror how kind and passionate they all were… I wanted to know what fueled that!

What excites you about the future of retail? 

There’s a lot about the future of retail that I’m excited for! I think if COVID has taught us anything it’s to pivot and seize opportunities. There’s been countless advances in tech, loss prevention, supply chain, innovation and sustainability and we’ve all seen retailers adapt like never before since 2020 but what’s impressed me more than that is the spirit of collaboration present  in the asset protection community and others like it. I think if we continue on that trajectory there’s impactful and lasting change-making to come!  

How would you describe your marketing philosophy? 

Produce compelling content in a concise and creative way!

What’s Sara doing outside of work? We hear you’re new to Denver! 

I’m so pumped to be in a beautiful place like Denver! I’m super blessed to have family and dear friends here that make it feel even more like home. While I have much exploring left to do, for now, you can catch me at climb or pilates classes, reading a book on the front porch, sunset chasing, and hopefully at too many Red Rocks shows to count! In my 20 days here I was blessed to already see the legend Bob Dylan perform… so here’s to many more like it!

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July 21, 2022

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