To achieve great things, we need to be the home for exceptional talent. This is why one of our long-term aspirations building Auror is to be ‘the BEST place to do GREAT work’.

We’re constantly thinking about how to make Auror a better place to work and how to empower our team to do consistently great work. There is no single initiative that helps us achieve this.

To achieve this aspiration for our people, we focus on our three pillars:

  1. Best work- providing the opportunity for interesting, rewarding work and personal growth. Help our team identify, understand, and leverage their strengths to maximise their impact.
  2. Culture - guiding principles for how we work as a team; shared context and distributed decision making; a high-trust environment; and adopting an asynchronous approach as much as we can. Combining the benefits of being remote friendly, with a commitment to providing great workspaces and opportunities for our team to connect.
  3. Wellbeing - demonstrating a genuine care and commitment for the physical and mental wellbeing of our team - enabling our team to be at their best.

With this aspiration and pillars in mind, we’re proud to share that the entire Auror team will be moving to a Shorter Work Week. The team will be able to start their weekends early, with Friday afternoons off, while remaining on 100% pay.

We’ve long been believers in the notion of work-life integration over work-life balance. This distinction is not a nuance. We already provide a great deal of flexibility so people can work when suits them best. The Shorter Work Week gives more time back to our team to do what makes them happy and by everyone being off at the same time, it maximises the restorative benefit (no need to check Slack!).

We can do this on the basis of having built a high-trust environment and encouraging an asynchronous approach to work. Everyone at Auror wants to do a great job for our customers, our teammates, and society as a whole.

This is not to say we’re not going to have to keep working hard to make the Shorter Work Week a success. We need to keep evolving how we work effectively, to get more done in less time ( perhaps we can share our perspectives and experiences on this in the future).

The rationale we subscribe to around the Shorter Work Week is that the productivity of knowledge workers is not an equation of inputs equals outcomes. Working fewer hours, with more flexibility, will help our team live their best lives and importantly, be at their best for Auror more often. We’ll be able to better ingest information and connect the dots to solve challenging problems for our customers and community.

A happy and healthy team will be more effective and successful in solving complex, high-value problems. This is critical as we’re charting new frontiers for how communities work together to reduce crime and keep people safe.

The Shorter Work Week does not in any way diminish the expectations we have on our team to do great work or the support we provide to our customers, partners, and the community. In fact, in the long run, we believe the Shorter Work Week will be a key contributor to the impact and greatness of the company.

Being the BEST place to do GREAT work isn’t achieved by a single initiative at a moment in time. This is a long-term aspiration that we will continue to strive for and evolve our unique Auror way of doing things. We have a few more initiatives in the works for 2022 that we look forward to sharing…

If our three pillars of ‘loving your work’ and our Shorter Work Week resonate, we’re always looking for exceptional new Aurors to join the team and help our communities reduce crime. Head to our Careers page and join us in our mission to make our communities safer.

February 2, 2022

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