Leading Global Retailer
Case Study
Leading Global Retailer

How a leading global retailer is redefining its community experience with Auror


  • $126.5M of prevented loss
  • 26M items returned to shelves
  • $21.7M in closed case value
  • $12.5M in hourly wages saved on reporting
  • Realized 10% of offenders caused 94% of unrecovered loss

Serving millions of customers per day, this leading global retailer was faced with the increasingly complex challenge of protecting their community from the negative impacts of retail crime.

Without visibility into their retail crime problem, the company was unable to close cases at scale and ultimately couldn’t ensure a safe, convenient community experience. They needed a connected solution that would provide their staff with actionable intelligence at the right time. To redefine their community experience, they needed to outpace ORC and recidivist offending through an intelligent network.

The global leader decided to partner with Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform.

Achieving unprecedented visibility

Within one year of rolling out Auror, the company was able to identify the 10% of offenders causing 94% of their loss and safety incidents. They’ve used this intelligence to prevent these repeat offenders from impacting the community experience for its billions of monthly visitors.

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“We now have the visibility and intelligence to reduce the impacts of ORC on our business.”

Sr. Director of Asset Protection Operations

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Transforming the retail experience

Powered by actionable intelligence and easier collaboration, this global retail leader transformed their entire community experience – from the frontline team and regional management to investigators, executives, and importantly, the customer.

Within six months, they were saving 60 minutes to report each event.

“The team experience is unmatched. They simply love it.”

In that same time frame, they determined their AP organization was now preventing or recovering 70% of all events.

“Investigators are now able to focus on the worst of the worst while our teams are stopping recidivist offenders well before it even reaches their threshold.”

ORC & the data network effect

Staff experience & productivity

Protecting people & product

By focusing on ORC and leveraging the data network effect of Auror, they also drove meaningful business results in their first year. Repeat offending and ORC is a 100 billion-dollar problem annually, so protecting the bottom-line is critical to the health of retail organizations.

The year one highlights from this retail leader included $126.5M of prevented loss, 26M items returned to shelves, $21.7M in closed case value, and $12.5M in hourly wages saved on incident reporting.

 “We can show operators, business partners, law enforcement, and senior leaders the size and geographic scope of our ORC problem like never before.” 

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“We’re able to affect the impact that ORC and shoplifting is having on the customer who just wants to come in and buy stuff from us. It’s amazing.”

Sr. Director of Asset Protection Operations

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From apprehending to preventing

Repeat offenders are 4x more likely to cause a safety event and 2.3x more likely to demonstrate “serious” threatening behavior. When safety mattered most, the retailer chose to transform its approach from apprehension to prevention. Thanks to the intel teams receive in Auror, they could be more proactive – avoiding violent situations and ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

“Teams are looking up or noticing an offender from the feed, reviewing for flags, and then not engaging. The best thing I could ever hear is that no one is putting themselves in harm’s way. It’s making a big difference.”

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