Preventing retail crime and violence with Auror LPR
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Preventing retail crime and violence with Auror LPR

Preventing retail crime and violence with Auror LPR


  • Store team members are safer
  • 80% of all detections where a user was notified resulted in a prevention
  • Conservative ROI of 411%, with a payback period of 165 days
  • Frictionless setup process
  • Single-view Retail Crime Intelligence experience for team members
  • Average event value 168% higher with VOIs than non-VOI events

Retail crime is an important focus area for leadership teams around the world. It’s impacting on-shelf availability and profitability like never before.

It’s also impacting the safety of teams and customers – the threat of violence has dramatically increased in the last few years. Since 2021, Auror data show a 140% increase in serious behavior by repeat people and a 200% increase in serious behavior by new offenders.

Many AP/LP leaders have turned to Retail Crime Intelligence as their ecosystem’s centerpiece for addressing crime and violence. Thanks to consistent, quality intel and structured data, we’ve been able to connect the dots, build a network for good, and drive safer outcomes together.

A key layer of Retail Crime Intelligence has been Auror LPR (License Plate Recognition). Outpacing the retail crime problem requires better visibility and more actionable intelligence – Auror LPR unlocks an impactful intelligence source (vehicles) and accelerates the data network effect.

The decision

Auror LPR frequently asked questions

  • Can we keep our preferred multi-purpose cameras?
  • Can we control our infrastructure?
  • How difficult is it to integrate with our existing workflows?
  • Can we customize VOI criteria?
  • Can we automate VOI enrollment?
  • How soon can we expect an ROI?
  • Will it make our stores safer?

Keep your cameras. Control your infrastructure.

It’s important for AP/LP teams to own the technology infrastructure they’ve already invested in, notably cameras. Our partners that use Auror LPR have indicated how important this was to their decision. Auror can integrate with the majority of LPR-compatible cameras – we have integrations with cameras made by Axis, Hanwha, Adaptive Recognition, Milestone, and others.

As a Retail Crime Intelligence platform and extension of your team, we’re intensely focused on driving your crime prevention outcomes, rather than worrying about new hardware decisions. With LPR hardware becoming more of a commodity, retail leaders find Auror LPR infinitely scalable and connective as it can integrate with their organization’s existing infrastructure.

Easily implement and integrate with existing workflows.

Retailers feel the ease of implementing and integrating with existing workflows is imperative. If an organization is already using Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform, previously reported events associated with vehicles have already been documented. This means no major re-training is required to get started with LPR and your new LPR intel will be fed into existing investigations – allowing teams to connect the dots even faster.

Configure VOI (Vehicle of Interest) criteria.

For many large retailers, the ability to determine specific VOI criteria is a must-have. This option enables AP/LP leaders to align LPR intelligence with their organization’s objectives, rather than filtering through information that may be irrelevant to the answers they need. Auror uniquely offers this capability so retailers can enroll and update vehicles based on their safety strategy.

Demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment) in reasonable time.

The key differentiator for our retail partners who use LPR is that they aren’t required to invest in new cameras. This allows them to get started much faster, as well as easily estimate the results required to see an impactful return on Auror LPR. In fact, one retail partner determined a 411% ROI with a 165-day payback period.

Empower investigations and make your stores safer.

The main outcome retailers are seeking when we talk about LPR is safety. Specifically, AP/LP leaders want to understand if and how Auror LPR is going to reduce the threat of threatening behavior and violence. The data, wins, and feedback clearly show Auror LPR is uniquely positioned to achieve this. Our platform is configured to your needs so you can capture evidence in the store, connect CCTV footage of individuals and their vehicles, and bundle this into a report for secure collaboration – including offenses across multiple locations.

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We are able to utilize the data in the Auror platform to stop bad actors from coming back into our stores. We now feel much safer knowing we are empowered with this intelligence.

Senior LP Manager, leading US grocer

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The results

Grocery retailer | 400+ locations | USA

  • 64% of VOIs have been detected multiple times
  • 21% of VOIs linked to threatening or serious behavior 
  • Average event value of VOIs 168% higher than non-VOI events

Awareness leads to prevention

One store at this retailer received a VOI alert through Auror LPR. This alert helped the team identify a repeat person pulling into their parking lot. The frontline team observed the person as they entered and provided safe customer service. The repeat person abandoned the goods and left, resulting in over $1k of product value being recovered.

Repeat person prevented

This retailer received a VOI alert for a repeat person previously prevented from stealing over $1k in items. 

The team used intelligence from the Auror platform to reveal this person was connected to 18 events worth $15k in loss. They also connected the VOI to two other retailers revealing another $6k in loss. Thanks to quality reporting and Auror LPR, the retailer is now able to prevent future incidents by this repeat person.

General merchandise retailer | 250+ locations | New Zealand

  • 80% of all detections where a user is notified results in a prevention
  • 74% of VOIs return to stores more than once
  • 44% of the VOIs detected are linked to repeat people

Unprecedented visibility into repeat threatening behavior

At this New Zealand retail partner, a vehicle detected at two locations was linked to six people.

Based on intelligence from quality reporting in the Auror platform, the team determined one of these people had been involved with 16 events totaling $6k in loss. It was also revealed the repeat person had previously shown aggressive and erratic behavior.

Empowered by this intel, associates can now form a safe prevention plan for the repeat person.

Detailed reporting accelerates collaboration and investigation

A burglary event involving five people was reported in the Auror platform, revealing a total loss of over $5,500.

The profit protection team reported this incident to police and aided in the investigation. Thanks to intel from detailed reporting and Auror LPR, police were able to identify and recover four stolen vehicles.

Now, they are one step closer to identifying the group responsible.

“Our teams feel safer and are less stressed about dealing with potentially dangerous or aggressive people in-store, which means they are able to focus on delivering great customer service to other store visitors.” – Profit Protection Chapter Lead

Grocery retailer | 100+ locations | USA

  • Average event value 25% higher than non-VOI events
  • 20% of detections were repeat VOIs
  • 12% of VOIs linked to threatening behavior

Connecting the dots from a single VOI alert

At this US retailer, a single VOI alert notified the LP team of a person who had recently shown aggressive behavior.

Intel from the Auror platform showed the person was already associated with another subject responsible for over $12k in loss. From there, the team was able to determine the VOI was also connected with two other VOIs established from previous events.

Now, this retailer is able to connect the dots across repeat people and VOIs to identify the intelligence they need for investigations and preventions – keep their stores safe from a potentially dangerous retail crime network.

“Auror LPR is very beneficial as we can see the alerts in real-time and safely deter the threat.” – Asset Protection Manager

The future

Retail Crime Intelligence and LPR: Better together

Report incidents seamlessly

A simple tap or click-based interface ensures structured data is captured effortlessly. Add, edit, and securely store images, CCTV, and detailed vehicle information when reporting events.

Detect vehicles of interest as they enter your stores

Auror LPR will detect vehicles of interest and alert your teams as they enter your store parking area.

Safely prevent with actionable alerts

Arm store teams with information on people, including behaviors they’ve displayed, to help reduce potential conflict and loss events.

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“Auror LPR is very beneficial as we can see the alerts in real-time and safely deter the threat.”

Asset Protection Manager, leading US grocer

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Supercharge your preventions with Auror LPR

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