Change can be difficult, especially for retailers looking to implement new AP/LP solutions. No one can hit “pause” on safeguarding stores against retail crime. So, it makes sense why some leaders assume making a switch will be too daunting for their organizations to take on.

Switching to Auror is an entirely different story.

We make it simple to transition to our platform, with an implementation that’s both straightforward and comprehensive. We tailor our approach to each company’s unique needs, focusing on making the process as low-lift as possible for our partners.

With premium service and a dedicated team of experts for each retail partner, we’re able to roll out our platform to thousands of stores and associates in a matter of weeks — not months.

“Changing the platform we had used for 16 years to a brand new platform in eight weeks was quite the accomplishment.” – Senior Manager of Asset Protection

Getting started with Auror is fast, which makes unlocking actionable Retail Crime Intelligence that much faster. In this article, we’ll break down our onboarding journey and explain how we provide unparalleled speed and support, at launch and beyond.

What getting started with Auror looks like

While we’re getting ready to launch, here’s what you can expect during onboarding with Auror.

1. Kick-off call

Once you’ve decided to partner with Auror, we get right to work and create an implementation plan, tailored to your organization specifically. Then, we’ll arrange a kick-off call to officially walk you through the plan, mapped out in detail via slideshow presentation. During the call, we’ll take direction from you to further tailor our implementation approach if necessary, to ensure our rollout is successful.

On the kick-off call, you will meet your dedicated success team, which may consist of a Regional Lead, Retail Partnerships Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Customer Success Specialist.

Our success team aims to know your business inside and out, and make your implementation as light-touch as possible. This success team will collaborate closely with you throughout the rollout, and continue to do so afterwards. No hand-offs to separate teams — we’re with you every step of the way.

Utilizing our learnings from some of the world’s best retailers, we will discuss:

  • Technology: Your requirements and applicable Auror solutions. For example, we want to ensure that your team members can access Auror easily with Single Sign-On, and quickly enter product information, directly from your product list via product item file.
  • Data: Ensuring you have access to the data you need, when you need it.
  • Communications: A comms plan to inform stores and team members about their new crime intelligence tool, and get everyone excited and ready to embed Auror into their daily routine.
  • Training: Our world-class training approach, which ensures that your teams are set up for success and have all the information they need to use Auror, right from the start.

After the kick-off call, we’ll follow up with supporting documentation to collect information necessary for setup.

2. Technical setup

After we’ve gathered all the information we need, we will connect our respective IT teams to manage all the technical requirements and integrations. Once everything is connected, it takes just a few hours for Auror to configure the platform with your stores, products, and selected incident types. 

3. Project meetings

We’ll facilitate regular project meetings between you and your Auror success team to provide updates on our progress. We want to make sure that we’re moving the needle, and available to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

What we’ll achieve through implementation

Together, in just a matter of weeks, we accomplish the following significant milestones:

  • Develop a tailored comms plan.
  • Fully configure the Auror platform so that it’s ready for you and your team to use.
  • Deploy Auror on your chosen devices, i.e. computers and mobile devices.
  • Set up data access, so you have the insights you need from Day One.
  • Grant access to the right people, with the right user permissions.
  • Deliver training on our platform via the channels best suited to your organization. We offer online training, as well as webinars, pre-recorded videos, in-app product tours, a best practice one-pager, and a Getting Started guide.
  • Visit some of your stores to check in on how things are going, deliver Auror swag, and answer any questions from your team.
For one grocery retailer, we rolled out the Auror platform to over 2,200 stores in just one month. At this same retailer, 98% of their users said they were extremely satisfied with how well our training prepared them to use the platform.

Most importantly, throughout implementation, our success team forges a deep, meaningful partnership with your team that will survive and thrive far beyond launch. After we’re live, we work directly with you to set up a rhythm of business, and together, define what we want our partnership to look like moving forward.

Post-launch magic: what to expect

Going live is just the beginning. We’re committed to seeing you succeed for the long term, so we provide ongoing support for the entire lifetime of our partnership.

Here are several forms of support you can expect from Auror after implementation:

Regular check-ins

Your partnership team will catch up with you as regularly as you want them to. Whether you want a daily text or call from your Retail Partnerships Manager, or to check in with a Quarterly Business Review, we’ll match your preferences.

During our check-ins, you can share your business priorities with us, which. We’ll also keep you updated on recent product releases, industry trends, and our upcoming product roadmap.

Wins packs

Your success is our success. We constantly share the positive results your business and your teams achieve through Auror—from increases in recovered loss to decreases in time spent on incident management. We package these wins into regular “wins packs” which you can use internally to congratulate team members for their work and acknowledge the impact your team is having on the wider business.

Team engagement

Acting as an extension of your team, we can support you and your teams to boost Auror’s effectiveness. We are dedicated to making sure your teams are engaged, logging in, reporting incidents, and ultimately preventing retail crime. We monitor user adoption and engagement to ensure that your teams have the resources and support they need to fully use the platform.

Live in-app chat

Our in-app chat connects your team to real humans, who are ready to provide swift support when your team needs it most. We have an average response time of 46 minutes. No phone calls or email exchanges necessary!

Help center

We provide 24/7 on-demand access to our Help Center, which includes a wide range of articles, videos, and product tours for self-guided assistance.

Your partner in addressing retail crime

We believe that moving to a new platform shouldn’t demand so much of your time, energy, and budget. When you choose Auror, you can look forward to a quick, hands-off implementation, continuous support, and a genuine partnership dedicated to your long-term success.

Ready to quick-start your retail crime prevention journey?

Learn more about getting started with Auror.

August 17, 2023

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