Stop fuel theft at your sites

“We’ve been able to reduce drive-offs at our sites by 70%... that sort of savings is real money.”

General Manager Retail, Z Energy, Retail Fuel Chain

Report crime quickly

Report incidents, flag vehicles, link offenders, and share with head-office and trusted third parties in minutes.

Real-time alerts and
actionable intel

Automatically receive real-time alerts and intel on vehicles of interest as they enter your site. No more judgement calls on leaving the pump open.

Protect customers,
staff and profits

Leverage your existing investment in CCTV, license plate recognition technology and other security systems to report, solve and prevent crime.

See how these heroes are reducing fuel theft by up to 80%

Together, we're winning the fight!

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“You might have got away with it in the past, but you won’t anymore.”

Trevor Dance, Franchisee Operations Manager, BP Australia

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Drive-offs at sites reduced by 70%

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Fuel theft decreased by 80%