Stop Fuel Theft at Your Sites

Get a return on your security investment while protecting customers and staff.

Fuel theft is costing you big money.

But what if there were a way to know which vehicles were likely to steal, and prevent them from accessing fuel? You could keep those pumps on prepay and stop a crime before it happened. 

Auror instantly identifies vehicles that have been involved in fuel thefts previously, and alerts staff and local police if they arrive at your sites.

Protect customers, staff and profits

Sites using Auror have reduced fuel theft by up to 80 percent—literally saving millions in the process and contributing valuable intelligence on crime in the community.

Get a return on your significant investment in CCTV, license plate recognition technology and other security systems, while keeping staff and customers safe.

Transform your loss prevention programme with Auror

Report crime quickly

Auror enables teams to report incidents, flag vehicles, link offenders, and share with the police & head office in a few clicks.

Stop fuel theft

Auror informs staff if an arriving vehicle has previously stolen fuel.
No more judgement calls on
leaving the pump open.

Prevent serious crime

Auror detects stolen cars and other Vehicles of Interest to police. Know the vehicles at your sites and prevent dangerous ram raids.

Company-wide reporting
and intel

Auror analytics and reports give you complete visibility of incidents across the company in a few clicks.

Flexible, effective
LPR integration

Auror’s open architecture works with many LPR cameras and systems. Match detections instantly with known offender vehicles and
stolen plates.

Share intel
with police

Auror links police and businesses to create intelligence about crime in the community, ID offenders, and respond to incidents

See Auror in Action

Z Energy
Case Study

Caltex Stokes Valley
Case Study

What our Customers Say

Mark Forsyth

GM of Retail
Z Energy

“With Auror we’ve been able to reduce drive-offs at our sites by 70%… that sort of savings is real money.”

Trevor Dance

Franchisee Operator

“You might have got away with it in the past, but you won’t anymore.”

Reece Lewis

Owner / Operator
Caltext Stokes Valley

“Since joining Auror we initially dropped the drive-offs down to five to 10 per month, and now that we added ANPR cameras to the mix we’re down to just a few.”

Interested but not convinced?
Try Auror in your most challenging sites on us.

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you can put us to test in your site with the highest crime rate for free.

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