What's new

Evidence locker improvements

Improvements have been made to the way evidence locker works, the improvements include: Only scroll when needed When we added the next and previous button to the evidence locker file modal, we also started ensuring that last file in file modal is visible in evidence locker when the file modal closes. Instead of only scrolling to the file card when needed, we always scrolled creating janky jumpy UX. It is now changed to only scroll when needed so works far more smoothly. Faster file modal transitions (sometimes only visually) Some of the images are loaded quite fast, especially if they’re cached. With transitions, it takes about 600ms to make the transition, but the image is usually loaded faster than that. To make the transition visually faster, and sometimes actually faster when the image is cached, we attempt to load an image for 300ms before making the transition. Once the image is loaded, we immediately swap images. If the image is not loaded within 300ms, we still swap but there’ll be a spinner showing that image loading is in progress. Scroll to the added file We now ensure the newly added file in the Evidence Locker is visible.