How and why did you get into Software Engineering?

My introduction to the field of Software Engineering occurred when I visited a game development studio with the intention of pursuing a career in 3D art. However, upon engaging in conversation with their Software team and observing their work, I swiftly changed my mind. The inherent problem-solving aspect of software engineering resonated deeply with me, and I realised it was a perfect fit for my interests.

I pursued my studies in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury. Upon securing my first job, I discovered that while I was proficient in programming, my true passion lies in designing robust solutions, conceptualising complex issues, and fostering a team culture focused on problem-solving. In these areas, I found myself thriving and truly in my element.

Why did you choose to join Auror?

I joined Auror after hearing of them through former colleagues. The modern tech stack, and continuous deployments were things I was pushing for in my past role, so to see them at Auror was a big plus.

I thought it would be neat to work on a product that was making a positive impact on the world, but completely underestimated how much this would motivate me. Working with police and retailers to make it easier to report and solve crimes is extremely rewarding. It is also easier for friends and family to relate to when they ask what I do for work.

During the interview process, the Auror guiding principles really stood out to me, and it has surprised me how interwoven these values are in our day to day. You hear of other organisations talking about their values, you see them on a wall, and they become background noise. At Auror, it’s different. There is strong alignment across everything we do.

Our guiding principles are talked about extensively. We use them as slack reactions, hashtags for recognition posts, and in our daily conversations. The guiding principles govern and guide the way we work with one another and with our customers.

What exciting projects have you worked on since joining Auror?

During my initial six months, I was involved in implementing internationalisation on the platform. This endeavour presented intriguing technical hurdles while offering me a comprehensive introduction to the technology landscape. Our objective was to devise a user-friendly solution that could be easily embraced by all Engineers. However, simplifying complex issues proved to be a genuine challenge. For instance, we encountered scenarios where certain sections needed to remain untranslated, and effectively managing feature flagging in a continuous delivery project was vital. We solved these problems using context providers allowing us to set internationalisation contexts to determine if a particular component should be translated or not.

My next project was extremely exciting, as we were launching a new product “Evidence requests.” This innovative solution revolutionises the method by which law enforcement obtains evidence from retailers through an online portal. Throughout the course of this project, I actively participated in product research, engaging with stakeholders and conducting user testing.

Being involved in these various stages has provided me with a deeper understanding of what I’m building, why I’m building, and how it impacts our end users.

Do you have any tips for those who are preparing for a career in software engineering?

Be meticulous, critical, and curious. Asking questions of yourself and your peers is the best way to grow. For example, if you or a teammate make a mistake, look at what you all could do to avoid it in the future. We are constantly learning, and by questioning ourselves and others, we can build ourselves up to be better.

Do you have any tips for those who are preparing for an interview at Auror?

Be yourself. So much of the interview is about how you work and that is what makes Auror’s team work so well. If you are kind and thoughtful, yet curious, this will shine through. Not knowing something is not a problem, it can be an opportunity to show your attitude towards learning new things.

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August 4, 2023

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