We’re constantly thinking about how to make Auror a better place to work. We want to design high-impact wellbeing programs that support Aurors in their home life, work life, and everything in between. And we strive to demonstrate a genuine care and commitment for the physical and mental wellbeing of our team so every Auror can do their best work.

As Auror scales, we continue to review our benefits and incentives. With 51% of Aurors supporting dependents and a lot of our team in their family forming years, we decided we could improve on what we had and provide even more support to parents.

We want to give all parents access to family forming benefits regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or family composition. As such, these benefits are designed to be inclusive, flexible, and supportive of Aurors at every step of their parental journey.

These benefits start on day one of joining and are available for the first 12 months of becoming a parent.

Time is precious

  • Paid parental leave: We have increased from two weeks to 12 weeks of full salary paid parental leave for birth parents and six weeks for non-birth parents, in addition to any government/state allowance.

  • Baby bonus option: To provide flexibility, we have included a baby bonus option. You can substitute up to four weeks of paid parental leave for a lump sum baby bonus. This is super helpful if our Aurors need extra cash for a stroller, car seat, or additional support!

  • Parental bonus days: Being a parent isn’t easy, so we’ve also included parental bonus days which are 10 extra Wellness Days added to the current 10 Wellness Days per year that an Auror gets. This means if Aurors need extra rest or have an unwell baby, you can take that time without feeling guilty or worrying about your Wellness Leave balance!

Help at home

  • Meals on us: Immediately following a birth, adoption, or surrogacy, we will support our parents with meals for up to eight weeks and valued at $150 per week.

  • Expert sessions: Sometimes we need a little extra help, whether it’s lactation support or sleep training support. Whatever it may be, we’ll be able to financially support you with three paid expert sessions.

Flexible return to work

  • Customizing your return to work: We recognize that returning to work can be tough, so we will support Aurors through flexibility in hours, location, and time.

  • Staying in touch: For those who wish to stay in the loop, Aurors have the option to work up to eight days during their parental leave.
  • Don't play catch up: We don’t expect returning parents to play “catch up” when they return, so Aurors have the option to automatically archive emails while they’re on leave as well as shift > Esc (mark as read) their unread Slack messages!
When we started our thinking around Parental Benefits at Auror, we knew that alignment to our culture and ways of working was important, we knew that flexibility and inclusivity was key, and we knew that by taking a holistic approach, it would enable us to support our team with every step of their journey. At Auror, we believe that families come first and I believe our Parental Benefits are a reflection of that.
- Lauren Spagnuolo

Compassionate leave

Family comes first – we want Aurors to feel extra supported in the times they need the most so we’ve added compassionate leave for those who experience loss. In the unfortunate event this happens to any Aurors, we have curated several different paid leave options. 

For birth parents: 

  • Before 20 weeks: 10 days of paid compassionate leave 
  • After 20 weeks: eight weeks of paid special parental leave

For non-birth parents

  • Before 20 weeks: five days paid compassionate leave
  • After 20 weeks: four weeks of paid special parental leave

As part of our wider diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) work, we’re committed to supporting parents on their journey – before, during, and after parental leave.

Wellbeing is an important part of our DEIB initiatives and we know that the only way for Aurors to be their best selves is to feel included, engaged, and supported. In addition to our generous parental support offering, our global team also enjoys a range of other benefits including learning and development frameworks, shorter work weeks, and mental health resources.

If you want to join a global award-winning organization – where you’ll be challenged and supported and have lots of fun along the way – check out our open roles here.

November 8, 2022

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