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more retail crime cases with Auror Investigate.

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Why Auror Investigate?

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by and for the leaders in retail crime investigations

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built to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

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your program with enterprise grade level security

Key features

Instantly turn incidents into investigations

Automatically convert incidents into detailed timelines, links, maps, and evidence in your investigation.

Screenshot of Auror Investigate
Screenshot of Auror Investigate
Case Management

Get real time visibility of your ORC program

Manage caseload, track outcomes, and prove ROI in platform.

Screenshot of Auror Investigate
Screenshot of Auror Investigate
Retail investigations software

Collaborate on your terms

Invite, manage, and securely collaborate with trusted partners.

Screenshot of Auror Investigate
Screenshot of Auror Investigate
Investigations software

An inside look into Auror Investigate

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Why we built Auror Investigate

Frequently asked questions

What if we’re using a seperate case management system for incident reporting, can you take a feed?

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It only takes a couple of minutes to enter intel directly into an investigation. As you enter intel into the investigation, it automatically builds out the timeline, link analysis, map, and evidence locker for you. Everything in the investigation becomes dynamic. A small cost of time upfront, for large time savings in the long run.

How secure is this given you’re storing sensitive information?

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We’ve designed our platform to adhere to a set of universal principles that underpin privacy laws the world over. We’re also partnered with Microsoft globally to utilize their world-class data centers, technology, and security best practices.

Can we trial Auror Investigate in our organization?

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Yes, be sure to reach out to our sales team and we can arrange a call with you to understand your needs and requirements.

What’s the effort required to get this set up?

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We can typically get a retail partner set up and using Investigate in a couple of hours.

How can I stay across the platform and any future updates and developments?

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Subscribe to The Intel and we’ll keep you updated on future developments, initiatives, and releases.

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