For good

We want to create a safe society and reduce the anonymity of offenders and crime groups. We believe that providing the right information to the right people at the right time will help to reduce crime, keep staff and customers safe, and have an overall positive impact in our communities.

Auror helps our customers use data for good

Our team has a passion for building a world-class crime intelligence platform that people love to use. Every day, Auror works with some of the largest police agencies and retailers in the world to help prevent and solve crime in our communities. Being part of the Auror community is a commitment to use data for good.


The Auror Community Guidelines help us all ensure that everyone is using the platform ‘For Good’ and being part of the Auror community is a commitment to this.By following these guidelines, you will help protect and reduce any reputational risks for you, your company, and your community.

Safety first

Members of the Auror community always put people and their safety first - in person and online.

Be respectful

Use respectful language, avoiding personal judgements or derogatory terms.

Be thoughtful

Be thoughtful about the information captured and accessed about others - information is factual, not opinion or bias.

Be responsible

Community members are responsible for not sharing information on other forums or channels outside of the platform.

“I’ve been amazed by the figures in terms of offending reductions and preventions we’ve been able to achieve. The team can see the difference we make in the community, and that’s ultimately what we all want to achieve.”

Leading Global Retailer
Sr. Director of Asset Protection Operations

asked questions

Why was Auror started?

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Auror was founded after realising that $100B+ was lost every year by retailers but there was no effective technology being used to report, solve, or prevent crime. Retailers are now empowered with the intelligence and tools to stop crime, for good.

How do you use data?

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Auror is a data processor on behalf of our customers to store, process, and manage data, including personal information, in a safe and secure way.

We also prevent processing that isn’t respectful. The Platform does not facilitate racial profiling, on-selling of personal information to third parties, automated decision-making about people and sharing information about minors outside of organizations.

How do you work with law enforcement?

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Auror allows customers to invite law enforcement into the Platform and to securely share information on crime events with registered law enforcement users. This helps police save time collecting evidence, connect criminal activity to prolific offenders, and to help keep communities safe. Through Auror, law enforcement can now receive quality incident reports direct from retailers with key supporting evidence attached such as video files, witness statements, and trespass notices. Law enforcement agencies can also identify, collate and link case files in minutes to receive an aggregate view of the offender.

How do you work on positive community outcomes?

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Members of the Auror community always put people and their safety first - in person and online. Our Platform empowers retail store teams with real-time intel to prevent offenders before they offend. As one customer puts it  “Now there is something that we can do about crime and help keep our store teams safe.

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