Reducing crime, loss, and violence in retail communities is a mission with many touch points and challenges. And for each, there’s a best-in-class solution available to your team.

As an AP/LP leader, it can be frustrating to form a technology approach because these tools presumably don’t work together. They’re valuable solutions, but trying to leverage all of them may actually create more work and impact operational efficiencies.

That’s why we created the Retail Crime Intelligence Hub – Auror’s connected ecosystem – to remove friction in your systems and bring the hidden to light. Let’s take a tour.

What is the Retail Crime Intelligence Hub?

From self-checkout AI and ALPR to exception-based reporting and image recognition, there’s a long list of detection and prevention tools available to retail AP/LP leaders. Traditionally, all of these tools have operated in vacuums with no collaboration between them – the data only being available or useful within the context of a singular system.

That’s where a connected ecosystem enters the picture. Connected ecosystems are powerfully simple and refer to an integrated group of technology solutions that can function as a unit.

Our vision is a future where all of these tools work together to unlock the power of their respective data, empowering each other.

The powerful simplicity of connected ecosystems

When you visualize a “connected ecosystem,” you may see loads of connections between all sorts of different tools, connections that need to be individually built, used, and maintained. This would be complex.

However, crime intelligence hubs like Auror are built from the ground up to work with different types of data and serve as a central point of integration for a connected ecosystem. This is simple.

The impact of connected ecosystems

Without a connected ecosystem, incident data is fragmented in multiple places with no threads to tie it together. This results in each system having an incomplete view, with no cohesion. 

With a connected ecosystem (with a hub at the center), their data is collated from all the disparate systems and accessible from a single place specifically designed to use the data. We go from lots of individual data points with no connection, to a full view of all data points that shows the real, full picture of their offending, and beyond (eg. accomplices, ORC networks).

The connected ecosystem collates data to remove anonymity and bring the hidden to light. At scale, this powerful simplicity can be super impactful for retail AP/LP leaders.

As you can see, life without a connected ecosystem is more manual and leaves room for human error and missed information. But with a connected ecosystem, AP/LP professionals can do their jobs faster and more accurately.

Frequently asked questions

More questions will emerge as more of our retail partners start exploring the value of this connected ecosystem. Top customer questions about the Retail Crime Intelligence Hub currently include:

What is the value of a connected ecosystem for our organization?

The Retail Crime Intelligence Hub adds value in many ways. At a high level, it really comes down to helping AP/LP leaders and retail organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness. By bringing together once-fragmented solutions, you can more easily get the benefits of all without investing more and more time in all. And of course within each solution there are specific value-adds targeted at the jobs your team is trying to get done.

Does this connected ecosystem comply with security and privacy legislation?

Yes, Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence Hub complies with all security and privacy legislation wherever we operate.

What is an API?

This is an abbreviation you’ll often hear when it comes to connected ecosystems and integrations. API stands for “application programming interface” and is a way for multiple technology systems to communicate with each other.

Want to keep learning?

While the value of a connected ecosystem is clear, we understand there's a lot to unpack when it comes to addressing ORC. Watch our recent webinar where we discuss the future of Retail Crime Intelligence and how it will be influenced by connected ecosystems like the one described above.  

To learn more about Auror's Retail Crime Intelligence Hub, go here to explore the platform and the ways it can help reduce crime, loss and harm across your stores.

September 25, 2022
Crime Intelligence

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