Auror recently introduced an expanded product range to its Retail Crime Intelligence platform to help retailers and law enforcement reduce crime, loss, and violence.

Retail Crime Intelligence is a software platform that connects people and organizations with timely intel to proactively reduce the impacts of crime in retail stores. It’s used by loss prevention, asset protection, and law enforcement departments – alongside store and security teams – to identify and prevent the people driving theft-related loss and violence in stores.

“Our retail and law enforcement partners have made it clear that keeping people safe has never been more challenging.” said Auror CEO, Phil Thomson. “Retail Crime Intelligence has been grounded in connection from the beginning. This new generation takes that to another level, empowering an outcome-based approach to stopping crime and keeping people safe. At Auror, we believe Retail Crime Intelligence is the key framework for which retailers confidently design their crime prevention and safety strategies.”

Thousands of retail and law enforcement users already trust Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform to safely prevent crime among the world’s leading retail communities. With this announcement, Auror is revealing the next generation in crime prevention to help its customers and partners connect their prevention strategies with a true system of intelligence.

The platform consists of five core modules: Intel, Connect the Dots, License Plate Recognition (LPR)/Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Investigate, and Insights.

Reducing crime starts with Intel

Powered by actionable and searchable intel from your frontline teams and other systems, identify and prevent the people impacting your stores.

With Intel, it’s love at first report. Learn more:

Enrich your intel with Connect the Dots

Leverage the power of AI to systematically connect and surface the known individuals involved in events at your organization.

Connect the Dots lets you merge like magic. Learn more:

Supercharge your preventions with intelligence-led License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Safely prevent 80% of repeat loss and violence. Auror LPR/ANPR enables automatic detections and alerts for your team as known offender vehicles arrive on site.

Intelligence-led LPR means we stay alert, so you don’t have to. Learn more:

Resolve cases faster with Investigate

Resolve the cases that matter, faster. Leverage Intel on the people impacting your stores to securely build, collaborate, and resolve cases.

Create your next big win in Investigate. Learn more:

Drive impact with Insights

Turn your Intel into action with dynamic insights, and unlock answers for your team when they need it the most.

(Coming soon) Learn more about Insights

Stay connected to Auror’s outcome-based innovation at:

January 25, 2024
Crime Intelligence

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