Auror Engage is a free and easy way to report crime and get real-time intelligence about offenders in your area. Join our Auror community to share intelligence, report incidents and prevent crime at your site—all for free.

Streamline Crime Reporting

  • Report crime in minutes with our easy and intuitive online forms.
  • Receive real-time alerts about crime in your area from other local retailers.
  • Add useful photos and intelligence to create detailed dossiers of offenders, vehicles and criminal activity.
  • Review and edit your own incidents, add photos and video, and add notes to a digital evidence locker.

Collaborate with Police & Industry

  • Engage with the Auror community to get intelligence about known offenders and vehicles of interest.
  • Identify repeat offenders and associated vehicles to assist the Police.
  • Know the offenders operating in your area likely to target your locations.

Prevent Crime in Real-Time

  • Be proactive in your loss prevention with actionable intelligence about offender groups and their targeted items.
  • Work collaboratively with police to prevent crime before it happens.
  • Reduce losses while increasing prevention & recovery rates.

“I believe to make a meaningful change in reducing crime on my sites and improving safety for my team. As such, I need to empower my staff with tools that make a difference. Auror is such a tool.”

— Wayne KennerlyZ Energy Owner/Operator

“Using Auror, we’ve been able to reduce drive-offs by nearly 70% at our sites…That sort of savings is real money.”

— Mark ForsythGM of Retail, Z Energy
Join us in the fight against crime.