Leading with good governance for a better world

Instilling privacy into the core of what we do

Auror has been built using privacy-by-design principles. This ensures we respectfully and responsibly preserve an individual's right to privacy. Wherever our customers are based, we adhere to a set of universal privacy principles that underpin privacy laws the world over.

Leading with courage and holding industry to a higher standard

The deployment of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) must be done so responsibly. We have the best minds working on our industry-leading framework of Responsible Tech and AI practice that encourages innovation, yet also engenders credibility and trust of its use. Auror is setting a new global standard for tools to stop retail crime, leading this ever-evolving space with our principled and actionable approach to develop and deploy AI responsibly.

Understanding the impact on our community

Measuring by impact is central to who we are. In 2022, we created our first Global Advisory Board to have a dedicated channel to our retail community. This allows us to think big and be courageous with our initiatives, yet providing the guardrails of good governance to ensure our platform and policies are best practice according to industry guidelines and knowledge.

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Auror has taken a Privacy by Design approach that delivers even stronger default privacy protections for customers and data subjects.

Daimhin Warner
CIPP/E, Director of Simply Privacy, NZ Country Leader for IAPP
(International Association of Privacy Professionals)
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Our platform is designed to adhere to a set of universal privacy principles that underpin privacy laws the world over.

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Auror is the safe and secure way to capture, store and share information. We've partnered with Microsoft to utilize its world-class data centers, technology, and security best practices.

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For Good

Our platform has been designed to keep stores, staff, customers, and the community safe, helping to solve and prevent crime across the world.

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