Putting people first creates a force for better

We’re creating a community that has an impact

Our purpose is to connect; creating a community that effects social change. This is inherently tied to law enforcement and the justice system. Auror enables law enforcement resources to go further, to ensure they’re able to solve crime that causes the most harm, and to continue helping our communities more effectively.

We’re building an inclusive place that reflects our community

Together we look for ways to be the best for each other and our communities. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives have been established to build an inclusive place where people come to do great work, and we're also working with community groups to encourage new pathways into tech. We aspire to reflect our communities. We have a bias towards listening and a bias towards action, continuing our work towards our north star: a place where people belong.

We challenge systemic bias, and partner to change lives

We know we have a role to play in preventing crime and breaking down the social structures that lead to it. We engage with our communities and contribute towards this broader purpose - as a community, we continue to own the problem of crime and make an impact where we can. Globally, we’ll be looking to partner with key organizations that provide crime or justice-impacted individuals with the support, resources, and opportunities to improve their quality of life. In New Zealand, we partner with Take2 and the New Zealand Police.


repeat offenders from the last 12 months

prevented from reoffending in the last 90 days


of one retailer’s loss

is caused by 10% of people. We’re also preventing violent and serious crime with this focus


of costs saved and capability created

by just one police service and reinvested into more investigations

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We believe that together we go further, and we’re committed to establishing global partnerships to ensure we’re delivering on our social impact strategy.

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