Creating a positive impact on our environment by stopping crime

Measuring the environmental impact - now

Through digitizing the relationships between retailers and law enforcement, we’ve seen an immediate environmental benefit. We’ve helped return over 11 million stolen items to one of the world's biggest retailers in less than 12 months, and we're continuing on that trajectory.

Partnering with Police, we’ve been able to prevent the unnecessary use of 140,000 USB drives and counting, by providing police access to retrieving evidence on the Auror platform. This also saved over 4.5 million kms and 1665.9t of carbon emissions by not having to physically travel for footage. This is in addition to the $120 million in labour costs from saved time that can be reinvested into a better use of law enforcement resource.

Measuring the environmental impact - tomorrow

We’re committing to understanding the totality of the impact we have on the environment. Our next step is to complete a baseline analysis of our emissions - globally - across Scope 1-3 and establish our next steps to reduce and offset our emissions.

Scope 1

Direct emissions from activities such as the heating supply in our offices

Scope 2

Indirect emissions that come from the electricity that power the offices and buildings we rent

Scope 3

Indirect emissions from all other activities we engage in, including across the entire supply chain, our team business travel, and the energy used to run the services we obtain

Leading by example - celebrating our brand sustainably

We bring together our company and its community by celebrating it through swag. We want this to represent our values by sourcing items that are sustainable, good quality, and have a purpose. We look to identify the environmental, social, and financial implications of all Auror-branded merchandise and make good decisions using that framework.


products returned

to shelves from one US-based retailer, saving emissions of dumped stock that may have gone to landfill


of carbon

emissions saved by just one police service using Auror


USB sticks taken out of circulation

by law enforcement through automatic delivery of footage

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We’ll continue to strive to be a force for better, and we’re committed to understanding Scope 1-3 and through that, finding meaningful ways to offset our net carbon emissions as a company.

Phil Thomson
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