Earlier this year, the world as we knew it changed, and fast. No one knew with certainty the impact it would have on the AP/LP industry, and for how long. What we did know was that in-person events, an important link for our industry would be temporarily affected. As the major conferences began to postpone, reschedule, and cancel due to COVID-19, we saw the opportunity to create something different, to democratize the conference experience so anyone in AP/LP could participate for free, to learn and network, from anywhere in the world. 

All sessions from the Summit available now

But why would Auror do this? Good question. Fundamentally, our purpose at Auror is to empower connected communities to reduce crime. The Summit by virtue embodies this purpose, by bringing together and connecting retail AP/LP professionals and law enforcement from across the global community to share experiences, approaches, and initiatives that are helping reduce crime. Sure, it was ambitious, and we constantly questioned whether we’d bitten off more than we could chew, but at the same time it felt to us like the absolute right thing to do for the industry. 

To see something go from idea to reality in 3 months is incredibly rewarding for the Auror team. But any initiative of this scale and complexity requires a community approach, and we’re incredibly thankful to the speakers and industry partners that came on board with the shared purpose of doing something good for the industry. A special shout out to the first wave of industry partners that supported this cause: 

  • Terry Sullivan and the Loss Prevention Founder (LPF)
  • Ben Dugan and the Coalition of Law Enforcement & Retail (CLEAR) team
  • Gus Downing and the D&D team
  • Dr. Read Hayes and the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC)

And on Auror, thanks to the whole team for digging in to put together the Global Retail Crime Summit. With a special thanks to Bobby Haskins who worked around the clock to make the Summit the success it was.

On behalf of the Auror team and our industry partners, thanks for participating and making the Global Retail Crime Summit the success it was! 

If you’d like to view replays from the Summit please click here 

Until next time…
Tom Batterbury

September 10, 2020

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