Auror operates in the midst of three industries - Technology, Loss Prevention, and Law Enforcement and in all of these industries, women are often under-represented. In each of these three industries women generally make up between 20-30% of their workforce, sometimes less.

This is why it is so important that we do what we can to shine a light on the amazing women within Auror and those protecting our communities, and why we need to do everything we can to help women thrive in these industries. And not just on the day we celebrate International Women’s Day. This is a commitment from us to do this work every day.

At Auror we’ve been on a journey to create an inclusive environment where women thrive, and we’re proud of our progress so far with 53% of our team and 42% of our Leaders (Director, VP, C-level) identifying as women. We want to show improvements in how we continue to build an equitable and inclusive culture, and how we celebrate our women and the incredible work they do.

It gives us a huge amount of joy to be able to share these insights from some of our Auror women in this video. Here they share stories around how they got into Technology, the best thing about their roles and some beautiful nuggets of wisdom in the form of great advice they’ve received, and we have no doubt that anyone watching this will be inspired.

We also aspire to have a positive impact on women in Loss Prevention and Law Enforcement. We want to help them be more successful in their roles and we want to help them learn, grow and be celebrated within their organizations. This is why we’re excited to share stories from some of the incredible women we work with across Retail, Loss Prevention, and Law Enforcement in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, and Canada. These inspiring women do amazing work in their fields and they all share a passion and excitement about the impact they’re having in their roles with a strong desire to help and support other women.

We want to thank all the amazing women in the Auror Community and with an extra special thank you to the women who participated in the creation of these videos. You are amazing and we’re so grateful for the work you do to reduce crime and keep our communities safe.

March 7, 2022
At Auror

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