Powering tomorrow’s investigator

Get an inside look into how Auror Investigate is enabling retail crime investigators to build, manage, track, and resolve more cases, faster.

Why we built Auror Investigate

Watching a retail partner piece together an Organized Retail Crime (ORC) investigation in their 'war room' proved to be the inspiration to building a platform to help them drive more outcomes, faster.

Using lessons from the GFC and Great Depression to help retain your LP Budget

The GFC and post-GFC period may provide the best blueprint as we look ahead to the impact of COVID-19 on the retail sector.

Experimenting with Emerging Tech for Retail AP/LP

In the last few months alone, we’ve made over 300 improvements to our platform to support our retail partners to reduce crime.

Suggested Merges: the Future of Linking Retail Criminal Activity

We recently hosted an invite-only webinar with industry leaders and experts on “Suggested Merges: the future of linking retail criminal activity.” In this article we’ll share some of the key concepts discussed.

Lessons from a Four-Star General

Learn how General Stanley McChrystal turned the tide of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan by empowering his teams with intelligence, and how AP/LP teams across the world can benefit from his approach.

How Loss Prevention can make the pivot from Cost Center to Profit Center in the new economy

The difference between the post-global financial crisis (GFC) economy and the post-Covid-19 economy will be significant, and for retailers and their Loss Prevention (LP) functions to survive and more importantly win in the new economy, a change in approach is needed.

New World Halswell Work With the Christchurch Police Eagle to Stop a 1.5 Month Retail Crime Spree

We chatted to Miles Mangos, Store Manager at New World Halswell about how they worked with the Police Eagle helicopter team to stop a repeat offender on a two-month crime spree. This is a great example of how retail crime intelligence can empower your store teams to prevent serious crime!

AP/LP is more important than ever

These unprecedented times are already creating new challenges for retailers and communities when it comes to crime. Many customers from across the world have asked us about the impacts that COVID-19 is having and will likely have on retail crime now and in the post-pandemic future.

Will COVID-19 further accelerate the decriminalization of shoplifting in the US?

As we all know, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic the loss prevention (LP) industry was already in a dramatic shift due to the decriminalization of retail theft.

Work Smart, not Hard to Solve Crime in Your Stores

Getting good intel from stores is a great first step, but it’s what you do with that intel that can disrupt crime at your stores. See how we're making it easier for LP teams and investigators to solve more crime, faster.

The White Gold Epidemic

Anyone who works in loss prevention, knows that the majority of losses from theft aren’t a result of kids stealing candy bars, rather the result of organized retail crime (ORC) syndicates stealing specific goods to sell on the black market for profit.

Share, Comply and Thrive: how to share information legally to fight crime

Privacy expert Gavin Smith examines the legal framework around privacy and sharing information between retailers for the purposes of crime prevention.