The Global Retail Crime Summit: Why we did it

As the major conferences began to postpone, reschedule, and cancel due to covid-19, we saw the opportunity to create something different, to democratize the conference experience so anyone in AP/LP could participate for free, to learn and network, from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Auror, The Warehouse Group!

We’re excited to announce that, amid the COVID 19 madness, The Warehouse Group has joined the Auror community! We sat down (in our respective home offices) and had a chat to The Warehouse Group National Loss Prevention Manager, Kerryn Steel - about life with Auror, some successes she's seen so far and what’s coming up next for the group!

New World Halswell Work With the Christchurch Police Eagle to Stop a 1.5 Month Retail Crime Spree

We chatted to Miles Mangos, Store Manager at New World Halswell about how they worked with the Police Eagle helicopter team to stop a repeat offender on a two-month crime spree. This is a great example of how retail crime intelligence can empower your store teams to prevent serious crime!

Who is Sian?

We’re excited to introduce the newest addition to the Auror team, Sian! She has joined us as a Senior Customer Success Specialist in Melbourne, Australia. You’ll see her working closely with our Australian retail and law enforcement partners to help build out the community of crime fighters, to help them to report, solve and prevent more crime than ever. 

2019: Year in Review

2019 was a big year for the Auror community, for growth and for change. See the year in review here and the outstanding crimefighters we recognised at the annual Supreme Crimefighter Awards 2019.

The Catch Phrase that Helped Briscoes Group to Achieve Their Lowest Loss in a Decade

We chatted to Nathan Breed from Briscoes Group about how he built a prevention first culture across the group, how it continues to drive his losses down and how you can employ the same strategies in your store.

How 20 Stores Crowd Sourced Intel to Help Police Stop an Offender’s $16,000 Crime Spree

Here’s how 20 Auckland retailers helped Takapuna police crack a $16,000 case in record time (and what you can do to get better outcomes from your incidents).

Supreme Crimefighter Awards 2018

We were joined by crimefighters from across the community, from New Zealand and Australia, to celebrate the awesome year we’ve had in loss prevention. Congratulations everyone!

Joint Operation Puts Organised Retail Crime On Ice in Melbourne

See how a major retailer and Victoria Police recently worked together to break up a multimillion-dollar international theft ring targeting vitamins and infant formula.

Transforming Retail Crime Investigations

Discover how one of New Zealand’s largest police districts has transformed it's approach to retail crime and created a safer community.

Ask A Cop: Collaboration

Sergeant Matt Murray from Waitemata District Police is back, this time answering questions about the value of collaboration and the results it creates.

The Honey Heist

See how an organised retail crime gang targeting high-grade Manuka honey was stopped in its tracks.

Loss Prevention Pulse: What's in store?

We asked a group of opinion leaders for their view on challenges facing Loss Prevention professionals, the importance of working with the Police, and whether retailers are competitors when it comes to fighting crime.