We’re excited to announce that, amid the COVID 19 madness, The Warehouse Group has joined the Auror community! The group includes 259 stores across The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming and Torpedo 7 brands. 

We sat down (in our respective home offices) and had a chat to The Warehouse Group National Loss Prevention Manager, Kerryn Steel - about life with Auror, some successes she's seen so far and what’s coming up next for the group!

Thanks for joining us today, can you quickly introduce yourself and your role?

I am the National Loss Prevention Manager at The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery stores. What that means is we provide support to our stores as part of their loss prevention program. 

Across your four brands, Noel Leeming, Torpedo 7, The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery - Auror is now live across 259 retail sites! Tell us how that’s changed things for your teams?

Our teams love the Auror platform. It’s easy to use and it’s much quicker to report events both internally and to the police. It’s a real time saver and also enables our store teams across the brands to see who is out and about, committing offences. Identifying the people and connecting the dots has really helped engage our teams, and knowing that police are following up with their reports. It also give us more visibility and makes it easier to communicate with one another. 

It’s a little early to tell how much is being prevented but we have had some success stories, where our loss prevention officers had been able to deter those repeat offenders. 

Awesome to hear that it’s working well for you and your stores. Have you got any early results or stories you’d care to share with us?

Yeah, sure - we suffered a cash theft at one of our stores in February and police were able to identify the person in the platform. The person was subsequently arrested and charged, which was great. We also had another theft which resulted in police returning our stolen goods, when they arrested the offenders for another unrelated matter. So the quick reporting with photos really does help us work collaboratively. 

Exciting to hear that you’re seeing some cool wins across your network. Can you tell us about what is coming next? 

These are uncertain times and the world has definitely changed with the COVID 19 outbreak. I expect that crime will increase and police will experience a much greater workload. Safety of our teams is and has always been paramount, and whilst we understand the need for masks during this difficult time - it will be challenging for our teams to identify repeat offenders. 

But I am excited to have the Auror platform in our business, as a tool for our teams, and to communicate quickly across all of our brands and with the police. It gives them so much more support and assurance. 

Thanks so much Kerryn! We're excited to work with The Warehouse Group teams across New Zealand to help report, solve and prevent more crime in their communities.

Webinar The Warehouse Auror Story

April 28, 2020

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