Organised Retail Crime (ORC) is a problem with a far-ranging impact on stores. Beyond the bottom-line, ORC can impact the health and safety of team members and customers too.

In fact, data from the Auror platform shows 1 in 7 reported people have shown threatening behaviour towards retail staff. That’s an important risk to address.

Crime, loss, and harm are problems for every single retailer, not just the big chain stores. Despite this, sometimes retail leaders think the strategies and technologies available to enterprise-level organisations are not available to their teams.

Thankfully, loss prevention and safety can be prioritised in many kinds of stores, and Auror can help these retailers get there. Beneath this assumption are additional related questions we commonly hear. In this post, we’ll answer six of those Retail Crime Intelligence FAQs.

Frequently asked questions about Auror

How does Auror help reduce theft in our stores? 

Auror helps increase the visibility of crime in stores through the Auror feed, notifications, and dashboard intel. Reported incidents from the stores are immediately available to other team members and nearby stores via the Auror feed and notifications, so they can use that intel to safely prevent further crime. Additionally, intelligence on the people impacting your stores – and when and what they're likely to target – will help you target and prepare more effectively.

Another key element to reducing theft in stores is team engagement. Increased visibility from Auror helps better engage your store teams in loss prevention activities.

What technology do we need in our stores to use Auror? 

To use Auror, you simply need a handheld device where your team can have access to the internet – whether it be a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Do our teams need loss prevention training to use Auror? 

Not at all, Auror gives team members something proactive they can do about crime in stores (reporting it) without putting them in harm's way.

“I like to see what's happening at other stores involving theft because then I can keep an eye out in my own store! Or, if I have any info from something that's happened in my store I can let other stores know.” – Auror customer

Do we need a dedicated ORC team? 

No, but getting better information from your store team helps you make better data-led decisions around loss at the head office.

Will Auror strengthen our teams’ collaboration with police?

To help police prioritise your cases, Auror helps connect and aggregate cases against the people impacting your stores, and provide all evidence in a digital locker so they can access and submit it for prosecution quickly.

“Auror makes it easy to report directly to police and also see what is happening in other stores, especially those close by.” – Auror customer

Do our teams have enough time to prioritise this?

It only takes a few minutes to report events in Auror. And beyond reporting, much of the dot connecting magic happens on the backend. So, you can view insights, communicate with your team members as needed, and get back to delighting customers.

How is Auror priced?

Auror offers transparent, all-inclusive SaaS pricing based on the modules selected by your team. Additionally, Auror comes with unlimited usage and evidence storage, implementation and training, in-app support, data insights, technical support, and much more.

“The measurable success we’ve had with Auror has allowed us to invest in other strategies too. When it comes to ORC, Auror is at the forefront of our team’s shift from awareness to solution.” – Daryl Blackmore, Director of Asset Protection at Rexall

Auror is for everyone. Get in touch to check it out for yourself. 

July 14, 2022
Crime Intelligence

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