Powering Tomorrow’s Investigator

Get an inside look into how Auror Investigate is enabling retail crime investigators to build, manage, track, and resolve more cases, faster.

Why we Built Auror Investigate

Watching a retail partner piece together an Organized Retail Crime (ORC) investigation in their 'war room' proved to be the inspiration to building a platform to help them drive more outcomes, faster.

Discussing the Importance of Technology for Loss Prevention Teams

We sat down with the Profit Protection Forum to discuss the critical role technology plays in addressing retail crime.

Think Big. Start Small. Preparing for Machine Learning.

Preparing for machine learning. If we can upload photos of offenders committing crimes – imagine how powerful it could be if we could scan the entire photo and have it fill out the crime report for us?

Re-imagining Retail Crime Reporting

This is the story of re-imagining how reporting retail crime should work so that store teams, support office, and law enforcement can collaborate and connect the dots easily. The ultimate goal is to stop crime in stores because reporting crime without outcomes is just another cost of doing business.