What does “trust” mean to you? Is it simply a matter of taking someone's word for it, or is it something that must be earned through actions and accountability?

At Auror, we believe in the latter – trust is earned.

Trust is at the center of everything we do. At this center, we hold values that serve as our three essential building blocks – privacy, security, and good intent. Auror’s Trust Center elaborates on its commitment to these values - globally.

Let’s take a closer look.

Auror for Privacy

Privacy should be embedded in every aspect of data collection and data processing, not treated as an afterthought or add-on. That’s why the Auror platform is built around Privacy-by-Design principles and is universally compliant with data privacy legislation all over the world.

Transparency is also a cornerstone of our approach to privacy; we’ve published our entire privacy policy for public access. Auror's role as data processor and what that entails is also easily accessible through our Trust Center’s Privacy page.

Auror’s universal privacy principles

Auror’s platform follows a set of principles that are consistent with privacy legislation worldwide. No matter where customers are located, the platform helps them comply with local privacy laws and regulations on data collection, including New Zealand and Australian Privacy Principles, the GDPR, and the CCPA.

Those principles are:

  • Data minimization: The platform only processes and retains data that is absolutely necessary and relevant to protecting users and their communities from harm.
  • Security, accountability, and control: The platform itself is securely encrypted, and we encrypt all information in transit to and from Auror. Users can control how information is processed and shared, while adhering to data compliance standards.
  • Use and disclosure limitation: The platform has been designed with clear use and disclosure limitations to protect against scope creep and maintain public trust.
  • Empowering individuals and enabling rights: The platform and its users must prioritize the consideration of people and the protection of their individual privacy rights when dealing with data. We are transparent on this issue and encourage users to do the same.

Process data lawfully and respectfully

Auror modernizes and improves procedures for processing and de-identifying crime data to prevent unlawful or disrespectful handling of sensitive information.

With strong security safeguards in place on how data is processed, stored, and shared, the platform puts privacy first, preventing abuse of data. We encourage users to be transparent with the public about how they use Auror to collect and share personal information. We also suggest users should display signage on their premises and update their privacy statements.

Respect your customers’ privacy rights

Protecting your customers’ privacy rights is essential to building trust with your community. With Auror, you can be confident that you're respecting your customers' privacy rights while still achieving your loss prevention goals.

It all goes back to the universal privacy principle of data minimization. The Auror platform ensures you only collect information that is absolutely necessary and relevant to protecting your community from harm or assisting with public safety and crime prevention. You can also ensure that data is only being used for its intended purposes and is accessible only by the proper audiences.

Everyone is entitled to control how their personal information is handled. That’s why we make it easy for individuals to request access to their data. Individuals can either make a personal data request directly with the business using Auror, or ask Auror to help process and forward the request on their behalf.

Auror Privacy FAQs

How does information get into the platform?

Customers upload information to the platform by filling out and submitting the online reporting form. The form is designed to ensure only necessary information is processed, and is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date.

Information may be collected directly from a person who has witnessed an event in store, or from CCTV footage. 

How do you ensure innocent bystanders’ privacy?

The platform includes built-in tools that automatically crop and obscure images of innocent bystanders, ensuring that they are not identifiable.

How long do we keep information on file?

The platform is built to ensure that our users can only retain information for as long as they have a lawful purpose to use it.

Auror for Security

When handling data, we understand that security is key to building trust with customers. That’s why we designed the platform to be highly secure, allowing our customers and partners to handle information safely and with confidence.

Stay safe with best-in-class encryption and security compliance

We utilize top-notch encryption and security compliance measures to protect your data. Our platform fully encrypts all data it collects and stores, both in transit and at rest, so you can rest easy knowing your information is safe.

Our tool stack ensures data security at every level, protecting your information 24/7.

Maintain full visibility over the platform

With Auror, you have complete control over your platform so that you can feel confident in the security of your data. You decide who can access data and how it gets used.

Our robust permissions management system allows you to assign specific roles and access rights to different users, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view and modify data. You can also add an additional layer of security by enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) access.

Auror aims to give complete visibility of use for security purposes. The platform’s user auditing capabilities enable monitoring of all user activity. You can review and trace back all actions taken by users, with the ability to revert any changes if necessary.

Keep your data safe

Auror goes the extra mile to make sure security measures are always best-in-class.

To stay ahead of potential threats, the platform is subjected to rigorous testing by independent third parties. These tests evaluate the effectiveness of security systems and help identify any weaknesses that we can then proactively address.

The Auror team monitors the platform constantly, using a combination of hand-built and automated systems to detect any signs of suspicious activity. We also have a team of expert engineers on call at all times.

Auror Security FAQs

Where is the data hosted?

Auror is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure, a world-class, secure hosting provider with data centers in various locations. We utilize a local instance in each geography to adhere to relevant security and privacy guidelines.

Auror for Good

At Auror, we’re connecting communities to reduce crime, loss, and violence in stores around the world. And we’re achieving this together through the Retail Crime Intelligence movement – a movement dedicated to using data “For Good.”

Auror’s mission is rooted in a deep respect for privacy combined with a team that is committed to using tech for good. We are transparent about what personal information we process, how it is used, and how users can access information. We also ensure Responsible Tech & AI processes are followed before making any new technology available.

Our Community Guidelines create a positive impact on society

We believe the responsible use of Auror does have a positive impact on society. Together, we’re building a safer future for everyone.

Addressing crime at scale is a team effort and depends on effective partnerships. We’ve built a platform that’s powered by the community, for the community, with a network of trusted partners to help us connect the dots.

Auror users represent the heart and soul of Auror’s mission; they commit to a set of Community Guidelines that ensure everyone is using our platform “For Good.” Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure that users create a safe and respectful environment wherever they use Auror, and actively contribute to improving their own communities.

  • Safety first: Always prioritize people and their safety, whether online or in person. Users are as committed as we are to keeping others safe.
  • Be respectful: Use respectful language, avoiding personal judgments or derogatory terms.
  • Be thoughtful: Think, don’t judge. Treat all information you capture as factual, and actively eliminate opinions and bias when handling data.
  • Be responsible: You are accountable for ensuring that information stays on the platform and doesn’t reach outside forums or channels.

Auror For Good FAQs

How does Auror work with law enforcement?

Auror helps retailers work closely with the police to report crime and incidents securely and swiftly. Users can invite registered law enforcement into the platform and share information around those crime incidents, like video files, witness statements, and trespass notices directly with the police. The platform saves retailers time transferring evidence, and saves police time in connecting separate incidents by quickly collating case files to identify and pursue repeat offenders. Auror also serves ORCAs in the US to help retailers and law enforcement collaborate across stores, cities, and states.

How does Auror contribute to positive community outcomes?

Auror is committed to keeping people safe, whether online or in-person. By providing real-time intelligence to retail teams, the platform empowers organizations to safely prevent crime, while protecting their store teams from potentially dangerous interactions.

Building trust and protecting your business with Auror

From the robust privacy and security measures to our commitment to using data for good, Auror's dedication to building and maintaining trust lives in every aspect of our work. Auror will continue to lead these conversations as the Retail Crime Intelligence movement expands – as we redefine the retail experience together.

For more detailed information on Auror’s privacy and security practices, visit our Trust Center.

Continue reading about Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform.

May 22, 2023

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